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Swedish painters inspired by the red motherland

Painter Carl Larsson drew inspiration from Swedish folk art – Zorn from dark forests

DALARNA, SWEDEN: Two Swedish painters in the region of Dalarna and all the red-painted cottages and farmhouses has made Sweden famous. At least half of all houses in this country is called “Falun red”. Close to the Falun Coppermine, a local attraction is Sundborn, the former home of Swedish painter Carl Larsson and his wife Karin. The couple is also known as world-first interior designers. As a painter Larsson drew inspiration from Swedish folk art and the surroundings of Sundborn.

swedish painters
Anders Zorn and wife Emma from 1898

Dark forests and glittering lakes

Painter Anders Zorn (1860-1920) got inspiration from the deep dark forests and glittering lakes, as they are everywhere in Dalarna. Zorn lived in Mora at Zorngården, the Zorn House. He became one of Sweden´s great painters whose work hang in some galleries and museums of the world. In Mora, you can see where he lived, his paintings in the Zorn collection and the Zorn Museum to watch his and others works – all on one site.

See the life and art of Anders Zorn: Zorn Collection and Zorn Museum is all about two Swedish painters in the town Mora, Sweden.

A painting by Anders Zorn

A paradise for art lovers

Carl Larsson (1853-1919) was inspired by this province and became one of Sweden’s most loved as artist and illustrator. He and wife Karin moved to picturesque Lilla Hyttnäs, a small house in Sundborn. The house became Carl and Karin’s mutual art project and the houses are now a paradise for art lovers and anyone with an interest of design and gardening.

swedish painters

See the life and art of Carl Larsson

Carl Larsson Museum in Sundborn is known as Sweden´s most famous home. Open for guided tours every day from May to end of September. It does not always happen that the view of the artist and the view of his public agree. In spite of the huge popular success he achieved with his watercolors, Carl felt that his monumental work – the frescoes in schools, museums and other public buildings, etc. – was more significant. Visit the house of Carl Larsson and get a guided tour.

swedish painters
The living room in Larson´s house

Eat: At Café Zorn they serve excellent food, mostly ecological speciality. Such as pies, pasta, soups, salads, salmon, homemade bread and pastries, and a wide range of local drinks.

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