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Bangkok; Breeze the place to eat and be seen

Dining in Breeze was more of an experience than just a meal. It was dinner With A View in Bangkok.

A Touch of Elegance and glamour at Ritz-Carlton

A luxury weekend in Dubai can’t come with more elegance. We tested Ritz-Carlton on Jumeirah Beach.

Finding peace 53 floors up – in the famous Shard building

A feeling that life has come to its conclusion and there is nothing else to desire. This is the story of Shangri-La.

Dining in London; Innovative as ever

Michelin Star Dining. Chef Claude Bosi uses trusted suppliers of prime seasonal ingredients.

Thank you: King Goya nominated for an Award

Croatia invented the pen and the Tourist Board has nominated King Goya for the “Golden Pen” Award.

The Brando – luxury in unspoiled nature

The Brando is a luxury resort on French Polynesia’s private atoll of Tetiaroa, just 30 miles north of Tahiti.

City guide to Cool Japan

One thing’s for sure: Japan is like no place you’ve ever been to before. Here are reasons to visit the Land of the Rising Sun.

Top tables and a romantic lunch highest possible

Lunchtime surrounded by the highest peaks and innovative chefs. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this.

Perfect your cowboy skills in authentic US

PENDLETON (OR): In Eastern Oregon you will find an authentic slice of the American West with endless prairie, abandoned gold mining towns, and ranches...