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Tarifa is kiters Paradise – Hip and Windy

In August Playa is packed – that’s half the fun

In August the Playa is packed – that’s half the fun

TARIFA, South of Spain: It is still spring and the ten kilometre Playa de Los Lances is a perfect beach for even now being perfectly still on. The beach of Tarifa is the last stop in Spain before Morocco, on the tip-of-Spain location, where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet. This is a kite surfer’s Paradise.

Kiting along the long beach

The wind is a dream

In spring bums visiting this surfy getaway are far fewer but every summer the terrific wind swooshes in from the east to delight surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers. The wind is a dream for everyone because it brings blue skies and sunshine instead of storm. In August especially, the Playa is packed – that’s half the fun. This dune-backed, pine-tree-lined beach is as lovely for bikini-crowd as it is for surfing.

Surfing capital

As the kitesurfing capital of Europe, Tarifa has a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere, with plenty of restaurants, bars, pubs, and discos. Its climate is mild, with pleasant year-round temperatures and low rainfall, making it an ideal holiday destination throughout the year. However, most of the year Tarifa is a sleepy town. If the wind still hasn’t kicked in before lunch, don’t despair – it often arrives in the afternoon and no wind is a rare occasion.

Celebrates in style

The town. There is more to Tarifa than the beach. Tarifa town with narrow, winding streets has many interesting monuments, such as the Gothic Mundejar chapel and the churches of Santa Maria and San Mateo. The fortress Castillo de Guzman still has the guard path and defending towers from where we can enjoy the amazing sights.

Plaza Santa Maria in Tarifa

Party. Every September the town celebrates its feira – a weeklong frenzy party, with food and the odd dollop of religious fanaticism. Tarifa celebrates its week in style. The streets fill up with Flintstones and pharaohs and the bars move their business out into the street. Not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re still young enough to consider 7am the end of your evening, this is an experience not to be missed.


Make it Happen!

Touch Down: Gibraltar airport, 45 minutes drive from Tarifa. Marbella is only an hour away.

Stay: Tarifa town has a lot of small hotels and hostels. If you prefer to stay on the beach, Hotel Arte Vida is an alternative. Expect overprized room rates during the high season from mid June to mid September.

Eat: In Tarifa they say; Let´s go for tapas! La Pescaderia is voted the best fish restaurant in Tarifa. All the fish here is freshly caught and cooked to perfection. Nothing fancy but you knows it’s good as all the locals eat here. The region is famous for its grilled fish, especially Sardines and deep-fried calamares (squid), and fish baked in salt.

Play: Tarifa offers possibilities for having fun. The incredible nightlife here is an amazing blend of Spanish and other European lifestyles that starts late and ends late. Apart from the summer season Tarifa is a quiet town.

Mini Guide: Club Mistral is the water sports centre in the grounds of Hurricane Hotel

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