A perfect Sunday Roast can be one of the hardest challenges

TORREMOLINOS, SPAIN: It may not come as a surprise that Sunday Roast is very close to the heart of Britains, even if they are on holiday or live partly along Costa del Sol, south of Spain. A Sunday Roast is the great meal, the ultimate lunch with all the trimmings. It represents family and friends like no other meal on a Sunday.

Along this coast plenty of British restaurants and cafés are serving Sunday Roast, but to find a good one is a far bigger challenge. Luckily, I managed to find one of the best in the coast town of Torremolinos.

The perfect.  To cook a good Sunday Roast can be one of the hardest challenges. At restaurant The Carvery I found the perfect roast beef, perfect roast lamb, turkey, gammon and pork with all the trimmings. A choice of vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and perfect roast potato, golden and crispy with fluffy insides. Not to forget the perfect gravy.

“Everything is homemade, no industrial ingredients in our Sunday Roast”, Marc Cornwell says, the British owner of The Carvery after years with good reputation and high expectation from guests.

Unlike fancy restaurant-style dishes, there is nowhere to hide, no slick techniques to cover up slip ups in the kitchen.
“I live here six months during the winter and did it for many years. Every Sunday I come here to have my roast, it´s always perfect, the best one served at this coast”, Kai from England said.

Never queue. At The Carvery they placed two big white cows high on the roof, and inside the restaurant is light and airy with air conditioning and surprisingly never queue in from of the working chefs, not even on a busy Sunday. Here the meat is the star and has been attracting locals and tourists alike since they opened in 2001. What a wonderful tradition having roast every evening – but the perfect Sunday Roast only on a Sunday.



  1. I have known Mark for years. He’s has done well building up this business. The meals are fantastic and always great time had by all. Staff friendly and helpful.
    Wish them all the luck in the world for the future. Well done.
    Regards jasper.


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