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Tisno is the little big town by the sea

CROATIA: If you ever dream of going to an idyllic small seaside town for your vacation, then Tisno in Croatia might be the place to go. With it’s friendly vibe, rich culture and beautiful nature it is certainly one of the top destinations in the former Yugoslav state.

Tisno, located along the Dalmatian coast is a place that is suited for a family vacation. Although there are music festivals that attract younger crowds also, the town centre and beaches are generally peaceful and relaxed. The bridge in the city centre connects The Murter Island and the Mainland. To let vessels pass the bridge is raised 30 minutes twice a day.


National park. While you are in Tisno be sure to check out the national parks that are just a boat trip away. The national park of Krka and national park of Kornati are two of in total seven national parks in Croatia. The natural scenery of the waterfalls and many islands are quite spectacular, largely due to the fact that they are mainly untouched.

Despite the relaxed atmosphere in Tisno there are still plenty of activities to take part in. Like going diving, horse riding, bungee jumping or simply going to a festival and listening to music.

The population in Tisno in the off-season is a little more than 1,000 people, which is not that much. However the local people are still visible among the many tourists in the summer time. The locals are also really friendly, even more so than in other Croatian cities – an advantage of visiting a small city with natural beauty.

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Touch Down: Get there by air: Zadar Airport is the closest International Airport to Tisno (60 km). It takes approximately an hour to drive from the airport to the town of Tisno. The airport in Split is also an option (75km).

Stay: There are plenty of nice places to stay in Tisno. We would recommend Plava Laguna as it is reasonably priced, at € 100 per night for a double room. For that price you get a room with a balcony, access to WI-FI and breakfast included.

Eat: While Hotel Plava Laguna has a restaurant where the food is excellent, the best restaurant in town is probably just next door at Konoba Tereza. There they serve tasty dishes with meat and fish, along with some fine vegetarian foods. Other restaurants for Tisno specialities are “Prova”, “Feral”, “Antonio” and “Broscica”.

Play: “The Garden” is a beautiful place 15 minutes away from the town centre. It contains stunning scenery with a mystical forest that leads on to the beach with crystal clear water. It’s safe to say that there are not many places quite as beautiful as The Garden in Tisno. Every year there are musical festivals that take place here, the biggest one being The Garden Festival.

Mini Guide: Tisno is referred to as the little big town and organizes numerous festivities all year round. Tisno is famous for numerous historical sites and its beautiful pebble and sandy beaches.

Alfred L. Nortvedt
Alfred L. Nortvedt
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