Love vacation, from Italy to France, Japan, Morocco, and Argentina, the USA, Canada, Australia and even Scotland

ROMA, ITALY: No list of romantic holiday destinations can be complete without the jewel of Italy’s crown, Rome. Take a stroll around the Borghese Gardens and admire the architecture that has earned Rome its place as one of the most magnificent cities in the world. Add your coins into the famous Trevi Fountain, and help contribute to the 3,000 euros tossed into the iconic water feature every day.

Throw the famous three coins into the fountain – one to return to Rome, another to find new love, and a third to ensure marriage. Singletons visiting the Trevi Fountain should have no fear, especially if they manage to toss their second coin in, and can go back home and find someone to date to bring back with them, as per the myth. We don’t know if modern methods like the Badoo dating site apply in this case, but why not? Although the fountain predates the internet and apps, it doesn’t specify the way you’ll meet your partner. In any case, you can amp up the romance factor by travelling in style with a horse and carriage or experience Rome by river with a boat ride down the Tiber.

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Paris, France. Paris, the City of Love, doesn’t need anyone singing its praises for how romantic it can be or for how perfect the city can be for a romantic getaway. From all 324 metres of the Eiffel Tower to the twinkly lights gleaming against the backdrop of the French Gothic architecture, there is no better setting for a romantic meal. Plus, nothing beats a romantic stroll down the Seine to marvel at the illustrious Pont des Arts.

Marraketch, Morocco. Marrakech is actually known for being a prime couples destination and caters for hundreds of lovers tying the knot or celebrating the first few weeks of their marriage. The souks and snake charmers provide an exciting backdrop of sights and sounds that offer a glimpse into another culture, which helps strengthen any relationship. Nothing could be more romantic than heading out further into the Top Desert to have a peaceful dinner just the two of you, as you watch the sun descend behind the sand dunes.

Kyoto, Japan. May be Kyoto doesn’t immediately come to mind. Allow your romance and love to blossom under the aesthetically pleasing cherry blossoms, while exploring the Japanese countryside. The winding lanes and ancient Japanese architecture and temples provide a stunning setting for allowing a relationship to breathe and providing some quality couple time while offering a chance to do something unique and different. The vast array of ryokan (traditional inns) also provides an extremely welcoming dose of famous Japanese hospitality, which gives couples an even better getaway. While the traditional Japanese tapas style dining of kaiseki offers delicacies that are sure to bring couples closer together.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.The Metropolitan Cathedral provides a stunning example of Rocco architecture and the perfect place to get lost hand in hand. The Palermo Park offers further excuses to cosy up for a stroll around and the French designed botanical garden provides a stunning array of flora. The day can be rounded out with a trip to the National Museum of Fine Arts and a stop at the Teatro Colon, one of the finest opera houses in the world. Have a peaceful and romantic gondola ride down to learn about all the key points of interest in Buenos Aires.

 Niagara Falls, Ontario. Niagara Falls – home to many weddings – can also count itself as being one of the most romantic places in the world, The cities that neighbour the waterfalls aim to cater for the romance-seeking couples that flock there, so will be tailored to cosy love-ins. The Falls themselves are astounding and showcase the marvel of the planet, which is the perfect environment to foster feelings of love and affection. The honeymoon capital of the world also provides its 50,000 honeymooners per year with a variety of romantic excursions around and about the area, offering a blend of Canadian and American culture across the border.

New York City, USA. So good they named it twice. New York, New York, is the perfect romantic getaway, especially for a winter break. Nowhere does Christmas quite like the City that Never Sleeps. From ice skating in Rockefeller Plaza to romantic walks down Broadway, Times Square, and Central Park. Amp up the romance with a traditional New York carriage ride through the snowy streets or share some classic New York street food under the stars.

Venice, Italy. The city known for its waterways and selfies of couples on The Accademia Bridge, Venice rivals its Italian counterpart for the romance it evokes. Whether you feed the pigeons in St Mark’s Square, enjoy a refreshing gelato for two, or take a gondola ride down the narrow canals. Make the ride even more special and give the gondolier some company by hiring a musician to join you and fill the air with sweetly romantic tunes as well as the peaceful lapping of the water.

The Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are a wonder of nature. The dazzling lights in the sky help ground you and show the true majesty of the natural world. The Northern Lights can be seen from Canada, Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, and even Scotland – so planning a trip seeing the lights offers many different avenues. Take a dog-sledding expedition out into the arctic tundra, or sit in a caravan in the Cairngorms National Park in Grantown on Spey. Most people choose to visit the Northern Lights through a trip to Iceland, with a spot of bathing in the hot springs and a taste of the local delicacies. Did someone say shark for dinner – what could be more romantic?

Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia. Located on the eastern coast of northern Australia, Palm Cove is a popular destination for romantic travel. While Sydney offers culture and history and Melbourne offers trendy and cosmopolitan hangouts, Palm Cove is the full romantic package with the lush beaches and rolling seas. The tropical destination has gained a reputation for being the perfect spot for a wedding – especially for visitors marrying in the northern hemisphere’s winter, when temperatures in Australia soar. Even the name Palm Cove screams romance and relaxing days spent spread out on the beach with a cocktail.

Honourable Mentions: Europe has a vast amount of romantic cities and many more could have made the cut. Vienna, Austria has a high degree of proposals, especially on its many carriage rides under a fur blanket. Prague, Czech Republic throws romance against the backdrop of gothic architecture. Amsterdam, The Netherlands offers a different kind of romance and the beautiful sights of tulips against windmills. Florence, Italy competes against its country’s other romantic spots to offer culture and art – Italy may just be the most romantic country.

Every continent has its own romantic nooks for people to explore – excluding Antarctica, though if whale watching and frozen glaciers are your thing as a couple, then it too can deliver. From the traditional romantic spots in Italy and France, to somewhere off the beaten track in Argentina and Japan. Cosy chilly romantic nights strolling through New York at Christmastime to lounging on the beach in Australia to a caravan in Scotland observing the wonders of nature. The world is full of romantic getaways and as soon as you find that special someone, there’s nothing better than booking a trip away and getting caught up in all the romantic feelings.


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