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Top 10 Things to do at Stonehenge

Built 5000 years ago

Might the world´s most famous stone circle – built 5000 years ago

WHERE IS STONEHENGE? If you have a few hours or, even better, a whole day to spare, several places are worth seeing while you are visiting Stonehenge. Other prehistoric ruins, intriguing towns, and cities are only a few of the neighbouring sites that are equally worth visiting. Stonehenge is 90 miles or so west of central London, in the county of Wiltshire. Here are 10 things to do at Stonehenge.

View of Stonehenge at sunrise
View of Stonehenge at sunrise

We suggest acquiring a map of the region that includes Stonehenge, which has been designated a World Heritage Site. Then, with that knowledge, try to travel to locations such as Salisbury, the Avebury Neolithic ruins, Lacock, or Old Sarum, among others.


Salisbury and its cathedral

Almost all public transportation getting to Stonehenge involves a transfer in Salisbury. Salisbury is a terrific area to spend a few hours exploring the streets and finding some of the city’s most famous landmarks.

Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the city’s main draw. The construction of this structure began at the beginning of the 13th century.
It is worthwhile to visit the Salisbury Museum in addition to the cathedral. It is the ideal location to learn more about the history of the monument because a portion of its display is on the museum and tells the storu about things to do at Stonehenge.

Finally, if you enjoy visiting rural pubs, you must stop at the Haunch of Venison before leaving Salisbury. This tavern, established in 1320, has nothing on those found in London’s nightlife.


View of the front of Salisbury Cathedral
View of the front of Salisbury Cathedral

The past at Old Sarum

 History enthusiasts may explore Old Sarum Hill, said to be the origin of nearby Salisbury, about 14 kilometres from Stonehenge.
Hunting parties initially settled at Old Sarum, which was afterwards inhabited by some of the early farmers. In this location, a fortification was constructed during the Iron Age, and it eventually saw the arrival of Romans, Normans, and Saxons. 5000 years total of human history.

The location, which stands on the hill itself, is currently owned by English Heritage and is accessible to the general public. However, you must have a ticket.

Family enjoying a picnic behind one of the stones at Avebury.
Family enjoying a picnic behind one of the stones at Avebury.


Amesbury is the nearest town to Stonehenge, and many people include it as a must-see while travelling to the monument. There is evidence that the region has been occupied for at least 10,000 years, this little community was first established in 976.

Amesbury is well-known for its association with the King Arthur legend and its close vicinity to Stonehenge.
As you stroll around the town’s environs, you may take a distinctive perspective of the River Avon before arriving at the Church of St. Mary and St. Melor, formerly Amesbury’s mediaeval abbey.

A circle of prehistoric shafts discovered just 3.2km from Stonehenge, at Durrington Walls, the largest prehistoric site discovered in the UK.
A circle of prehistoric shafts discovered just 3.2km from Stonehenge, at Durrington Walls, the largest prehistoric site discovered in the UK.

Durrington and Woodhenge

 Woodhenge, a Neolithic timber structure dating from around 2500 BC, or practically contemporaneously with Stonehenge, is located only 3 kilometres away.

Six upright post ovals made up Woodhenge, which was encircled by a ditch and a bank. One of the most incredible times to visit Stonehenge is around the summer solstice, and the building was constructed so that it would line up with the dawn.

Along with the adjoining South Circle of the Durrington Walls, this wooden structure is now a recognized component of the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site.

Worm of people on the slow way to the old stones
Things to do at Stonehenge: Worm of people on the slow way to the old stones

Stonehenge Visitor Centre

By guided tour with bus straight from London, public transport such as train from Waterloo or driving your own car. These are the three main options. Approximately 800,000 people choosing to visit Stonehenge each year.

At Stonehenge Visitor Centre you will find archaeological objects and treasures discovered in the landscape. They are on display – from jewelry to ancient human remains. The centre is located 1.5 miles from the stones.



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