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Weekend at Hotel Sacher, Vienna, City of Mystery

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The antique furniture that decorated the room was gorgeous.

Here is an enchanting mixture of glamour and discretion

VIENNA: This is a city steeped in mystery and Hotel Sacher is part of this. It has acquired many accolades in its impressive history; it is a centre for classical music, for art, and for the indulgent Viennese cuisine. Though it’s lesser known attributes are more interesting. In 2014 Vienna was named the world capital for espionage with a reported 7000 agents. For sure, operating in its dark underworld behind all the magnificant buildings and luxury stores. The air in Vienna is truly full of secrets and that is the perhaps the most alluring quality of all.

Glamour and discretion

Hotel Sacher Wien is an embodiment of Vienna’s enigmatic charm. Opened in 1876 this hotel has seen two World Wars and the collapse of an empire. Walking into this building is like turning back the clock. Its classically elegant décor and beautiful works of art would not look out of place in an imperial palace. Guests converse in hushed tones next to endless photos of previous royals and presidents who have stayed here. This long standing place is still on top of Vienna’s luxury hotel scene. The hotel is an enchanting mixture of glamour and discretion.
Location is directly across from the Vienna State Opera House and right in the heart of Vienna’s main shopping district. The Hofburg Palace is a 10 minute stroll away.


We stayed in an executive suite which was just as extravagantly decorated. As the main lobby and bar area, with a enormous gold chandelier hanging over the bed. The antique furniture that decorated the room was gorgeous and made the room feel welcoming and homely.

Dining and the cake

Hotel Sacher offers a range of dining options. Most famous of these is the world reknowned Café Sacher, home to the Original Sacher Torte. This café’s close proximety to the Opera House makes it the perfect place for some post show coffee and cake! The hotel also offers a fine dining option called Restaurant Anna Sacher, it is pricey but the setting is gorgeous with its dark green walls and endless chandeliers.


Hotel Sacher has a full spa and fitness centre as well as complimentary wifi throughout the hotel.


I just can’t speak highly enough of Hotel Sacher. After months of continuous travel it takes somewhere really special to make you step back and go “wow”. Hotel Sacher definitely had this effect, I have never seen a hotel with such magnificant décor, such an interesting history, and with a geniune element of uniqueness. This hotel offers so much more than just a bed for the night and a good location, it provides an entire experience.

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