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Antarctica is a Rough corner in luxury

The earth’s last great wilderness

ANTARCTICA: Rough beauty, unique wildlife and magical ice landscapes have fascinated humans for centuries. Once upon a time, getting to this remote corner of the Earth was a challenge. Today, adventurers can travel in luxury and comfort on Silversea’s 132-passenger expedition ship Silver Explorer to one of the most rugged places on Earth. Though the mode of transportation is different from the early days, the adventurous spirit and excitement of previous Antarctica explorers persist on Silver Explorer.

Get your camera ready

Silversea’s Antarctica voyages depart from Ushuaia in southern Argentina. On day 1 and 2, the ship passes through the Drake Passage, to reach the 7th continent. From the deck, you may spot dolphins, whales and albatrosses. During the 7 full days of exploration on the Antarctic Peninsula, you will learn to have your camera ready at all times. Up-close encounters with interesting animals such as seals, penguins and humpback whales are common occurrences.

Silver Explorer

Riding on ink-blue sea

Admire the staggering abundance of wildlife. Meet the personal challenge of reaching the earth’s last great wilderness frontier. You’ll cruise across seas of glass, passing giant prisms of ice riding an ink-blue sea. And you’ll share the landscape with bellowing seals and raucous rookeries of penguins, unafraid and unperturbed by your presence. All while enjoying the highest standards of comfort.

Kitchen serving food of the highest standards

You will be spoilt

Champagne on a glacier. The highly specialised Expedition Team of geologists, biologists and historians leads all excursions, which are undertaken in Zodiacs, and they let nature determine the program. Don’t be surprised if you are woken at 4 am because a family of penguins taking a swim right next to the ship. But life on board is hardly taxing. Throughout the cruise, the crew will spoil you with gourmet meals, fine wines, spa treatments, and even chilled champagne served on a glacier.

Silver Explorer starts next journey in November and the season runs until March 2017. Prices start at 14,500 Euros per person for a 10-day voyage including all meals, drinks and excursions.

Night in a tent

Every December, Hurtigruten has an Expedition for a white and unique Christmas. On the epic voyage to Antarctica via the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Orkneys. The Fram family invites you to a traditional Christmas celebration and an unforgettable holiday, all set against a backdrop of icebergs and penguins – even to spend a night in a tent on the White Continent of Antarctica.

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Alfred L. Nortvedt
Alfred L. Nortvedt
Alfred is a highly regarded Video Maker specialized in documentaries and works for the biggest daily and media house in Oslo, Norway. From time to time he delivers engaging travel stories to King Goya. Study in Buenos Aires.


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