“Off the lash and on the lash”. Whatever it means, I agree. Another Guinness, please! at The Best Irish Pub in London

LONDON: If you are looking for something true Irish in London, I will lead you to the right place. More precisely, at the high street of Stoke Newington, north of the capital. Inside the tiny red and black front with frosty windows, you will find Auld Shillelagh. The Irish pub and probably the warmest welcome in this part of London.

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In written, “The most authentic Irish pub outside of Ireland”, according to the Irish Times. I visited the pub in March to follow how they celebrated St Patrick’s Day. It was great fun, but the house was totally packed and my next visit will certainly take place a more normal day or evening. Even the owner, Tomas Leydon, preferred a long break outside.

The Staff.What makes this small pub authentic? Musical evenings with foot stomping and fiddles make a little colour, but really, this is a place for joy, big screens with Irish rugby on matchdays and Guinness, the black Irish beer to wash down crisp. No to forget a dry sense of humour from staff behind the bar.

Honest place with a big heart and beer garden

Best Party. The inside ceiling is coated in a sea of green providing the feeling of real Irish. The owner has been keeping things uniquely Irish for 29 years without seeming to try. This is an uncomplicated, honest place with a big heart – and a beer garden.

To clarify, In the new book “111 London Pubs & Bars That you shouldn´t miss”, Laura Richards write: “Find the Irish party spirit in March when the Shillelagh throws what is undoubtedly the best St Patrick´s Day party in the capital”

The slogan written up high in Celtic lettering says it all: “Off the lash and on the lash”. What on earth it means, I fully agree.

Auld Shillelagh Address: 195 Stoke Newington Church Street N16. Open from 11am until late
Getting there: Dalston Kingsland Overground or Bus 393 from Camden
If you’re hungry, try L´Antica Pizzeria da Michele just down the road.

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