Aiden Byrne´s fine dining experience with excellent food deeply rooted in local heritage

MANCHESTER, RESTAURANT MCR: «Cooking is not difficult», a chef told. I´m not always sure about this statement and believe it´s spot-on if you know how to cook – and are surrounded in the kitchen by other good chefs. For certain, it takes a advantageous chef to create the nine dishes served at glamorous Restaurant MCR.

“Crispy chicken skin sandwich, fresh white crab meat, sorrel sorbet, goldfish apple juice with pure alcohol”, sounds like a half day work, but came as a fresh and tasteful start of a special meal made by head chef Aiden Byrne. His menus showcase the very best of the reinvented British classic dishes.

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Our Menu. This is the menu we were served: After Crispy chicken skin sandwich was finished, Foie Gras and palm sugar, spiced gingerbread, sherry and cherry vinegar sorbet was served. Next was Confit Jerusalem artichoke, pickled mushrooms and mushroom broth.
The fourth was homemade sourdough bread, chicken butter and herb butter with parsley, chive and lovage. Then Jabugo Ham from Spain, burnt onion, Ribblesdale goats cheese flan.
Dish number six was Argentinian red prawn, carrots cooked in their own juices and pickled carrot.
The main meat came as Braised Short Rib of beef, secretto, miso hollandaise, eryngi mushroom, txogitxu tartar.
The last two dishes was Chocolate brownie, mango, passionfruit and yoghurt meringue and the very tasty local Manchester Tart, coconut custard, freeze dried raspberries.

The Price. Aiden Byrne´s new home in a setting that´s relaxed and straightforward, a fine dining experience with excellent food deeply rooted in Manchester´s heritage. The food only will set you back 50 for Tasting Menu 6 and 75 pound for Tasting Menu 9. This is food made of local and seasonal produce and created by a Chef with outstanding ideas – and looks like it´s easy.

Restaurant MCR, Manchester: 18-22 Bridge Street, Tower.

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