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Best of Las Vegas – Craziest Wonder of the World

Typical Vegas Shows have it all

Join the club, they have church for people who don´t like church

LAS VEGAS: This is a hedonistic wonder of the world, supersized with lots of fun – unmatched anywhere else on Earth. Casinos and gaming, win and lose. I even found a church for people who don´t like church. The best of Las Vegas has it all, and is wilder than ever. Everything happens, and a perfect repeat of a well-known saying: “What happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas.”
Where is Las Vegas? The City is the principal in the southern corner of Nevada. Near the borders of California and Arizona, in the US.

Las Vegas welcomes millions of visitors every year
Las Vegas welcomes millions of visitors every year

Let´s Rock; Here are Top Canyons to visit

Gambling and escape

Why visit? People come here for gambling and entertainment. The Strip is lined with casino resorts and gimmicks. Such as the replica Eiffel Tower, Titanic artefact exhibition at the Luxor, and rollercoaster at New York New York.

I stayed in the Bellagio, a truly beautiful hotel. Bellagio hosted the most exquisite waterjet fountain show, you could ever hope to see.
On every ground floor, in every hotel, there are endless rows of gambling machines. As far as the eye can see.
Roulette and Crap tables, where you flushed money away within seconds. I had no interest or inclination of even trying. I thought I might pull on a fruit machine, but nope, I had no passion for it at all. Lucky escape!

Follow in the steps of many well known. You can get married pretty much anywhere.
Follow in the steps of many well known. You can get married pretty much anywhere.

They do things different

It´s easy to get married, you only need a license issued by the state of Nevada. The license cost is 77 us-dollar. There are several marriage packages to choose – the cheapest “Short and Sweet” to the costlier “Love is Forever”.
None is more famous than A Little White Chapel which hosted the weddings of Frank Sinatra, Britney Spears and many others.

You can get married pretty much anywhere. If it sounds like a great idea after a night of Partying, the food chain Denny´s offer something spontaneous. The package includes a wedding officiant, use of the chapel, a pancake wedding cake, a Champagne toast, and two breakfasts. Price: just 199 us-dollar.

Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Michael Jordan and Joan Collins married in that chapel.
Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Michael Jordan and Joan Collins married in that chapel.

Church for sceptics

Las Vegas is different, even if you don´t believe in God. I came across something odd: A church for people who don´t like church. There are people looking for God and seeking a spiritual dimension, but just don´t want to go to church. Join the club, as Verve wish you welcome. At Verve, no perfect people are allowed. Verve is live online on Sundays.

City of Entertainment

It´s show time. This is is the capital of entertainment. Acrobats, magicians, circus, and some of the biggest names in music perform here. The typical Shows have it all. A visit to Caesars Palace Casino and Shops is a must. In Vegas you meet the superstars.

Dancers from the Fantasy Show All-the right moves
Dancers from the Fantasy Show All-the right moves

See for free: There are many free things. Free tram ride. Walking the 4-mile Strip takes time in the heath. Hop on one of the trams for a hotel exploration.
Magic Mountains: Located south of Las Vegas Boulevard, Seven Magic Mountains is an art installation in the middle of the desert by renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone.

Coca Cola Store: Get a glimpse of the iconic brand’s long history. One of the cheap things to do is sampling Coca-Cola’s 16 different international beverages.

Gambling City: Casino and roulette at Luxor Hotel. And more than 160 casinos
Gambling City: Casino and roulette at Luxor Hotel. And more than 160 other casinos

Vegas, The City of …

Often known simply as Vegas. The nickname Sin City came from Fremont Street. Those old days where gambling, ladies and liquor were all easily accessible.
The city of hotel rooms: There are 147,238 rooms, and the average nightly room rate is 130 us-dollar. Las Vegas has more than half of the 20 largest hotels in the world.

The city of Light: With its millions of lights, Las Vegas is considered the brightest spot on Earth.
The city of casinos: Downtown´s Golden Gate is the oldest, it opened in 1906.
The official new Slogan is: “What happens here, only happens here.”

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas
The Mob Museum in Las Vegas

Don´t break the bank

The cheapest months to visit Las Vegas are January, February, April, and September. Visit midweek for cheaper hotel rooms.
Vegas is the convention capital, so keep an eye on the convention calendar. To save money on your hotel rate, come during times that aren’t during any major Vegas conventions.

Happy hour: Check out this listing for all the Strip restaurants and bars that offer happy hour specials. Cheap drinks at eats with emptier crowds. What more can you ask.

Restaurants are the busiest between 8-10 pm, which makes it harder to score a table. Thankfully, most of these will run a pre-theatre or happy hour menu between 4-7 pm. You’ll still get the same amazing quality meal, just at a cheaper price.

Trip to Grand Canyon

How far is Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? It´s five hours each way, all of it on fully paved highway.
All outside Las Vegas is desert, and a visit to Grand Canyon is the real deal. Well, it was no jaunt. Six hours on the bus, with two comfort stops and time for lunch. The helicopter would have been a mere 30 minutes. The round trip of 16 hours was worth it, to stand humbly in awe and wonder, at this natural creation.

The easiest way to see Grand Canyon...
The easiest way to see Grand Canyon…

Where Money Talks

Culture desert. Las Vegas is empty of any real art and culture. In fact, I felt it as a desert for culture. On the Strip, you would have the hawkers, and then there would be the hookers.

The real local culture is about to change for the better. Vegas has museums, art exhibition, local performances and more in the downtown area. The mission of the Las Vegas Philharmonic is to perform music that enriches and educates and build a culturally-rich community.
Frank Sinatra once said: Las Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks – it says Goodbye!

Helpful about Las Vegas

In which state is Las Vegas? The City of Las Vegas is the principal city in the southern corner of Nevada. Near the borders of California and Arizona.

What does Las Vegas means? The Spanish Rafael Rivera discovered the area in 1821, Las Vegas is Spanish for “the meadows”. Today it could means The Gambling Capital of the World.
How far is Las Vegas from Los Angeles? By car it takes 4,5 hours without stop. Flight time is one hour.
How far is Zion National Park from Las Vegas? It´s about 160 miles, the drive normally takes 2-3 hours.

City and the Town

How many live in Las Vegas? It looms large in the imagination. But with just 600,000 residents, the city has a small-town side that only locals know.
The temperature in Las Vegas? Dry heath of the desert and always sunny. Hottest months are June, July and August, lowest average temperature in January.
What to do in Las Vegas with kids? The suburbs are quite child-friendly and there are plenty of things to do away from the Strip like boating and hiking.

How many casinos in Las Vegas? There are 144 casinos. The biggest is Wynn and Encore complex in the north end of the Strip.
What’s it like to live there? Very few residents are native Nevadans; most come from other countries or states for the job opportunities.

Life in Las Vegas; Hedonistic wonder and Desert for Culture 

Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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