Iskiah Spa and Natural Viagra at “La Dolce Sosta”

spa and natural viagra
The oldest Spa and healthy minerals acting like a waterfall of avant-garde Viagra. But there are more than thermals and erotic to this new style island.

Aosta Valley – Cool slowness on the Italian mountains

Aosta Valley
From mountain huts to wellness palaces. Meet the beautiful scenery on all possible budgets and comfort levels

Hear The Sound of Iskiah and New Magic Name

This island preserves old-fashioned feel, like listen to a well-known song in the Bay of Naples. But young enough to change name

Drink local in Europe – Not a bad place to start

drink local
From Ouzo to Rakia. A little glass of something local is not a bad place to start your Euro-hopping.

The myth of Tiramisu and where it all began

Tiramisu means, “Pull me up”. Meet Alba Campeol, the old lady who says she invented the Italian dessert. We met her in homme-city Treviso

Michelin Star Norbert on the highest level

michelin star
Tiny village, one single main street and two chefs collecting five famed stars. Head up to a gastronomic top in the spectacular Alps

It´s something about Lucca, Certainly Food and Locals

Visiting Italy, I´m reminded how wonderfully diverse the food is. But I´m as much happy to meet some locals of Lucca

Slow travel by strong women making history

Slow travel
Long before green tourism was a trend, Stefany believed it´s her duty to leave a better world to next generation

South of Italy; Naples My City – That’s real amore!

Meet Pep, a local reveals secrets and many reasons to visit Naples – or simply City of the Sun

Carla about Ischia; My perfect island for holiday

Travel is important part of her life. But ask Carla for her favourite island and the answer will always be Ischia

Italian Villa; Vittoria lives in this huge residence

Villa Torrigiani
Touring villas on the outskirts of Lucca makes an interesting day. And you are welcome to Villa Torrigiani in Tuscany

Visit Lucca – get motivation for real local cooking

visit lucca
We serve key advice how to turn into a Pasta Master. But there is far more to Tuscany food than pasta