The Young Nordic Star – with one Michelin Star

The food is light and refreshingly playful. Koka in Gothenburg deserves the first Michelin Star - and my ratings.

Sea food from Heaven served by an Angel

sea food
Excellent sea food. Gabriel is a small restaurant, but the food served is super fresh, tasty and nothing less than world class.

Two painters inspired by the red part of Sweden

Dalarna is more Swedish than ABBA and IKEA combined, thanks to painters Zorn and Larsson and a specific colour.

Vastervik and the wild east-coast of Sweden

Small ferries are the only transport from Vastervik to the unpopulated natural beauty on the wild east-coast near Vastervik

Karlstad – urban port with a strong scent of coffee

A visit to Karlstad in Sweden is about art, opera, nature and smell of coffee all over. Not so much about The Beatles...

Hotel with the view and striking art collection

Green Hotel
Most likely you will let your gaze fly over the lake, feel the landscape, feel the fresh air on a sunny summer night.

Midsummer in Dalarna – a place to visit before you die

Midsummer is a huge deal across Sweden with people getting together. We joined the tradition and raised a Maypole in Dalarna

Guide to romantic summer in remote Sweden

romantic summer
Castles and romantic hotels next to lakes and the sea. A guide to places in Sweden that will impress your love one

Guide to Öland, Sweden; Birders paradise

For a birder, the Swedish island of Öland is a magical landscape all year around. For everyone else it´s all about summer holiday.

Sweden; An It-Girl´s Guide to Uppsala

We are guided in style to the city of Uppsala by the local IT-Girl Anne. She is a Royal reporter and prominent blogger.

Robert is blowing unique art of glass

Next time in Sweden, make a visit to the country´s famous artist in making art and jewellery of glass.

Kalmar offer the new taste of Sweden

Kalmar is transformed into a more gastronomic city than ever before. Here we discovered the new taste of Sweden.