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Every road leads to Boston – The City of Art

Also called Beantown

Some 150,000 student, walkable city by Charles River, and the Marathon to beat

BOSTON is the largest city in New England and the intellectual hub, with more than three dozen universities. Some 150,000 student keep the old city young and flows with the tide. These smarties keep Boston lively round the clock. According to proud locals, every road leads to Boston.

The city of Boston by waterfront
The city of Boston by waterfront

Let´s put Boston on the road map. The distance between New York City and Boston is a cool 215 miles – or 347km – which will make your journey by car in around four hours. The flight distance is 184 miles, which means 45 minutes in the air before landing on Logan International Airport. Boston is the capital of Massachusetts in the north-eastern United States, on a bay of the Atlantic Ocean.

Boston is walkable

Why visit Boston? A city with rich history, beautiful parks, and great museums. Boston has scenic architecture, unique culture and delicious food. It´s one of the most popular destinations on the East Coast. You can do Boston in 2-3 days.

What is Boston roll? It´s a type of maki sushi, or rolled sushi, made by rolling ingredients in nori seaweed sheet and seasoned rice.

 This to see: Boston is far more walkable than most American cities. The T, Boston´s subway, gives access throughout the city.
Freedom trail: Probably the most popular thing to do in Boston. The freedom trail is a perfect walk to take in all of the famous sights while learning about US History.
More to do in Boston

The City of Art

Who orchestrated the Boston Tea Party?   The Boston Tea Party was organized and carried out by a group of Patriots led by Samuel Adams known as the Sons of Liberty.

 City of Art: Visit Museum of Fine Art to watch collections and exhibitions is exceptional by any standard. The Egyptian Collection of ancient treasures is one of the most important in the world. So is the collection of Korean art, and the only permanent space for ancient coins in the US. General tickets is 25 usd, youth 17 and under for free.
The university of Harvard organize a student led tour to the grand buildings for free.

Visit SoWa Open Market with focus on local art, street food and music. Every Sunday from May – October. Address: 500 Harrison Ave.
Every day, all year, enjoy the edgy Institute of Contemporary Art – ICA Boston.

Museum of Fine Art in Boston
Museum of Fine Art in Boston

How far is Cape Cod from Boston? A ferry ride will take 90 minutes.

Walk by the Charles River

Take a walk through Back Bay from Massachusetts Avenue and loop back down along the Esplanade or head over the Harvard Bridge to Cambridge. It’s a narrow paradise along both sides of the Charles River, stretching for several miles. More than 1,500 trees line the walkway while ponds, and gardens bring a lyrical quality to this twisting landscape.

How far is Boston from New York City? Traveling by train takes around 3.5 hours with the high speed Acela service, or around 4.5 hours with the Northeast Regional service.

How far is Niagara Falls from Boston? The quickest way to Niagara Falls is to fly and line 40 bus which costs $75 – $200 and takes 4h 30m.  There is no direct bus from Boston to Niagara Falls.

How long is the flight from Boston to San Francisco? Distance is 4340 kilometers, and a flight with United Airlines takes 6 hours 35 minutes. Not only every road leads to Boston, you can reach this city by train and by air from many cities.

From Oysters to Pie

Specialities: Boston is also called Beantown, refers to baked beans. A visit should include signature dishes such as Lobster Rolls, Cannolis, Fish and Chips, oysters and Boston Cream Pie.
Nearby Tremont Street: some of the city´s finest restaurants. Such as yummy oysters, claims and lobster at Row 34, address: 383 Congress St Fort Point.

Don´t miss Mike’s Pastry and the best cannoli you have ever tasted. Open since 1946. Address: Hanover Street.
While in North End, make reservation for dinner at one of the many Italian restaurants.

Restaurant Row 34 in Boston
Restaurant Row 34 in Boston

The long Boston road to beat

You should plan on one hour for each individual exhibit at the Museum of Science.
There is so much to experience. A visit to this museum will appeal to every one of your senses – most of all to your sense of wonder.

Boston Marathon has made the city world known. It´s an annual marathon race hosted by several cities in  greater Boston. Traditionally held on Patriots Day, the third Monday of April. First race held in 1897.

You have to be a very good runner just to qualify for The Boston Marathon. The qualifying time varies from person to person. In the age between 35 and 39 years old your magic time is 3 hours and 5 minutes for men and 3 hours and 35 minus for women.

Even if every road leads to Boston, the 42,2km long marathon way is definitely the hardest to beat.

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