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Food in Malaga: Soup made in thousand versions

Where life and wine is mostly sweet – and order coffee a world of its own

MALAGA CUISINE: Summers in Malaga tend to be very hot and long, no wonder the cold Ajoblanco is a popular soup. The basic ingredients of this soup are bread, garlic, olives and ground almonds. Gazpachuelo is another favorite food in Malaga – soup you will find only in this city. Boiled potatoes, mayonnaise and fresh white fish are the mains in this soup served hot. This is a typical fisherman’s dish, made in thousand versions. I my Malaga gazpachuelo I like to add prawns and some clams.

Gazpachuelo is the special fish soup in so many variations
Gazpachuelo is the special fish soup in so many variations

Malaga sardines

The Spanish name is Espetos and is typical beach food favourite. Normally, it consists of six sardines spiked on a stake and grilled with just the right amount of sea salt. But only on the months without an “R”. The summer is ideal for Espetos, because sardines are fatter and with extra flavour.
Anyway, grilled sardines are the simplest local dish and the most demanded along the beaches.

Fried fish: Fritura Malaguena

This is fried fish Malaga style. Which includes squid, cuttlefish, anchovies, and varieties of seafood from the bay of Malaga. Crunchy and very tasty.

Meatballs of Malaga

A dish of meatballs with saffron-almond sauce. The spicy taste comes from a combination of ground meat mixed with salt, garlic, parsley, saffron, and almonds. More known with the name Albondigas.

Malaga meatballs, also known as Albondigas.
Malaga meatballs, also known as Albondigas.

Food mix: Ensalada Malaguena

The main ingredients are potatoes, Alorena olives, cod, onion, and Guadalhorce valley orange. This mix gives an interesting twist of flavor to Ensalada Malaguena, a traditional daily dish served in almost every bar and restaurant.
It is very easy to make and can be prepared ahead of time. A perfect starter, and with some fried fish you will have a typical Malaga lunch.

Malaga Wine

Food in Malaga require local wine and this is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Today, most of the wine from Malaga is sweet, some made by grapes from a farm in Vista Hermosa. Malaga Virgen undergoes a 24-months aging in oak casks at Virgen winery. This winery was founded in 1885.

The Muscat grape is the most common variety, and has been cultivated in this area for more than 2,000 years. Malaga has three wine museums and there are many wine tours to join.

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Coffee x 9

It looks like you need higher education in order to ask for a cup of coffee. There are nine different ways to order and the secret lies in the amount of coffee and milk in your cup. They are unique for Malaga, where coffee is a world of its own.
Un café: black coffee
Un café largo: strong coffee
Un semilargo: strong
Un solo corto: espresso
Un mitad: half milk, half coffee
Un entrecorto: semi-short
Un corto: the same as an espresso shot
Un sombra: a third of the glass coffee and two-third of milk
Un nube: a lot of milk and just a splash of coffee – or “cloud”

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