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Global Art Fair shows only one chocking work

A global affair with exhibitions in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Bristol, Brussels. Hamburg and London

LONDON: Most of the artists are up and coming and the prices are generally speaking affordable. But we didn´t find chocking arts at this year´s Affordable Art Fair at Battersea in London. I strongly believe the audience expect stronger storms and extra hullabaloos from such a Global Art Fair.

Except one black and white photo most likely from 1975 showing a grownup couple in a cab where she show-off her right breast – by an accident or simply for a moment of joy or excitement. The price of this unique image is more than 5000 pounds. Andrei Mikhailov from 77Gallery in Kyoto had travelled all the way from Japan to show this photo and some other more contemporary artworks.

“I´m not sure who´s on this photo, but for certain it will be sold, sooner than later. First of all, I´m here to promote young Japanese artists, and for that I have reduced prices on the art up for sale”, Andrei Mikhhailov said. He revealed that works on this exhibition generally was sold for double price back home in Japan.

Low Budget. You don´t need a huge budget, or an art history degree to buy and fall in love with art. You may ask for advice from one of the dealers or gallery owners at this art fair, but it´s fair to say, working out what kind of art you want in your home can be a daunting prospect.

“Don´t think about becoming a collector, that isn´t easy. Buy the art you want in your home”, was one advice. Remember, buying a piece of art is supposed to be fun.

This picture is from 1975

Try before you buy

Another advice is to explore your local art scene. See what´s going on in your area, you may see a local show, meet an artist or have a conversation that impacts your future decision. Many galleries let you take work home for a trial period.

Maximun prices at the Affordable Art Fair is 6,000 UK pounds, but starts as low as 200. Here you will discover a collection of original and contemporary paintings, prints, photography and sculptures by established artists alongside emerging talents. A guide will take you around the galleries with a different focus in mind every day.

Affordable Art Fair is now a global affair with exhibitions in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Bristol, Brussels, Stockholm and Hamburg. In London, next budget-friendly art fair take place in Hampstead May 2018.

Affordable Art Fair

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Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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