World´s highest point has more than 200 bodies on the mountains. Advise: Not to visit!

Wonderful world. Every day and week we recommend our readers to visit fascinating cultures and places. But unfortunately, there are troubles happen upon our world and we have to say where should we not go – mainly because we are concern about you and this wonderful world. Sometimes we have to say not to visit the ones we love in hopes they can recover. After information from our readers, followers and travel experts, we have the list over places you should avoid visiting.

Thailand: The high numbers of tourists on Thailand´s Koh Tachai has brought a ban on all tourist activities for months. The residents need a break from the rest of us.
Thailand is a popular and Ao Phang Nga National Park one of the most photographed destinations. But the park and the beaches needs to recover from tourists.

Check it out before you travel

Myanmar has unbelievable sights, charming festival and rich history. But the UN has labelled the violations happening to the Rohingya people as horrific and ethnic cleansing. A no-go destination until 2018. Now things have changed. Check it out before you go.

Mount Everest has the world´s highest point – are more dangerous than ever and has trash left behind by climbers. In addition, more than 200 bodies still on the mountains.

Honduras has tropical rainforest, coral reefs and wildlife you can´t spot anywhere else. But sadly, Honduras makes headlines for it´s murder rate – the highest murder rates in the world. Find another destination.

Wait for lung-friendly conditions

Beijing. Stay away and help Beijing to reduce the city´s overwhelming smog problem – into more lung-friendly conditions.

Cuba. You might dream of doing mambo in the street to the sound of Cuban drums, and you have the options. But a mysterious illness, suspected as a health-attack, felled ill 21 employees at the US embassy. Caution is urged until the cause of the attacks is uncovered.

India. Many has placed the Taj Mahal pretty close to the top of any bucket list. But as with any great beauty, there is repairs involved. The Taj Mahal´s dome and four minarets undergo mud-pack therapy. Give it until end of 2019 at the earliest.

The Galapagos. The Ecuadorian government has incredibly strict laws in order to preserve the fragile marine and terrestrial ecosystems from human and, more specifically, tourist interference. However, be careful when considering the Galapagos as a destination – if you love this wonderful world

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