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Shangri-La Singapore; Bottomless with Champagne

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Stay fit at this hotel – Fully equipped Gym, health centre and a Spa

SHANGRI-LA IN SINGAPORE: The luxury travel market is booming and with 5 star hotels popping up all over the place it can be hard to stay ahead of the game. In keeping with this trend the expectations of the modern traveller are ever increasing, there used to be a time when a bathrobe and slippers would be considered high-end but nowadays that just won’t cut it.

Singapore Shangri-La was re-opened its Valley Wing after a S$55 million renovation. The Valley Wing is the Shangri-La Singapore’s most exclusive accommodation and aims to provide guests with the ultimate luxury experience from the moment they touch down in Singapore.


The décor of the Valley Wing supports it’s vision of understated elegance. Classic almost antique style furniture sits atop of wide spanning marble flooring, and over sized art pieces mark the walls of the common rooms.
In the Valley Wing a strict smart casual dress code is enforced. I have found that most people are either firmly for or against dress codes and I have to say I am on the ‘for’ side, that is not too stay that I have never been on the wrong end of a dress code, I was once turned away from breakfast 3 times in a row at a certain London establishment. Yet, despite this experience I find a dress code brings a certain level of class to a venue.


The Shangri-La Singapore is a 10-minute walk from Orchard Road, the main shopping and entertainment boulevard in the city. It is not the best location in the city as there are several hotels on Orchard Road itself or overlooking the harbor, but on the upside the property sits on 15 acres which gives it an amazing spacious feel that you would not find in its more central counterparts.
Another major bonus is that Valley Wing guests receive their own car and chauffeur for transfers to and from the airport, ensuring you arrive and leave in style.


The Valley Wing of the Singapore Shangri-La has a total of 131 rooms ranging from deluxe double rooms right up to the Presidential Suite on the 17th floor. We stayed in a deluxe double which overlooked the swimming pool and gardens. The room was incredibly spacious with it’s a separate dressing area as well as a relaxation area with a sofa and armchair. However, the most impressive part of our stay happened before we even arrived! As Valley Wing guests we were sent a list for us to select our preferences in terms of pillows, mini bar items, and bed types! Having a list of 4 pillow types to choose from was definitely a first for me!

Dining in Singapore

There is nothing that screams luxury more than champagne, and better yet are the words ‘bottomless champagne’! That’s right, guests of the Valley Wing may avail of complimentary champagne all day long as well as afternoon tea and evening canapés! This really was the standout concept for me and it is what makes the Shangri-La Singapore so special.


The Shangri-La Singapore has a fully equipped gym and health centre as well as a spa with a long list of treatments to select from.


Having stayed in a countless number of hotels in the past few months for both work and pleasure it can be difficult at times to pick out why one is better than the other. It really takes a standout concept or feature for a hotel to become distinguishable. I can safely say that the Shangri-La Singapore achieved this, as they managed to transform what would be an ordinary hotel stay in a nice room into an entire luxury experience.

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