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Guide, Advice, Heart and Soul of Zurich

Searching for the new trends of Zurich, we found ironic art and the new popular meeting point

Art, Culture and the Heart of Riga

First came Stalin and Hitler before Stalin returned. Now people of Riga is excited about horde of tourists

Review: Fun cruise for everyone

“We could eat what we want, when we want”. On Norwegian Epic Lucas, 11, and Carmen, 14, made a cruise to remember.

Belle Roscoe: Where music take us

Touring has been a major influence for their music. Meet Matty and Julia, the cool siblings in Belle Roscoe.

Gothenburg; Food Capital of Sweden

Sweden has undergone a food revolution. In Gothenburg it’s all about Seafood, Michelin Stars and the Swede life.

Three days of Elvis-festival in a fishing town

The Elvis Show in the “Graceland” Festival Tent will be the main performance,

That’s Alright Mama – it’s party

Måløy is proud to to launch an Elvis Festival that turns the entire town upside down.

Dublin; a young and vibrant city

Guide to Dublin; “This is such a young and vibrant city I would visit even if I lived far away”.

Make it to the top of Santiago, Chile

One of the great things about Santiago is that it isn’t necessary to go far from the city to find some great spots.

Always great fun in Dubai

Travel writer Yahya visits Dubai and Abu Dhabi enjoying hotels and meeting locals.