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Passion for Arsenal lasts longer than any marriage

Love, emotion and strong sense of affection. Add club feeling, obsession and passion that never ends. Just ask fans of Arsenal from across Europe.

Why two Dutch are sailing the World for years

Ivar and Floris follow a dream. They have been on the sea for three years and plan a few more away from home - sailing the world to save the planet

Enjoy four UK adventures for all couples

Little-known Flamborough in Yorkshire is a fantastically well-kept secret for those in search of adventures. We know about three other places

Free inspiration and book your holiday activity

Make plans for your vacation! Home work is important and our partners worldwide help you. Just click

Hello readers, I just call to say #LoveIreland

Love Ireland. Get out and about with our guide and experience what Dublin has to offer. The Irish people at top of the game.

Ten Tips for Train Travel in Europe

If you’re planning to travel in Europe, consider taking the train when you journey from city to city. We have tips for you

Qantas and the non-stop Perth to London flight

He was groggy, aching and ready for bed. One passenger experience after the very first non-stop Perth to London flight.

Good morning, Vietnam! A Visit to a tiny village

The real Vietnam. Early morning, dark and no one around – except driver, guide and clients set for a special experience

Midnight Sun when I need to clean my head

Take a look at the main picture. To be here on a fine summer’s day is a heady experience – clear of any tourist.

After-Dark actions in the Florida Keys

Night fishing, after-dark ghost tour and full moon sailing. The Florida Keys provides actions when the sun goes down