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Trendy Paris; New wine in Heaven Eleven

All kisses and smiles, the new Paris

It´s about District 11; Trendy area with excellent food – new and typical Paris

PARIS: Dictrict 11 or the 11th arrondissement is one of the 20 districts of the French capital. It makes sense that the new trend with urban cool wine bars happens east in Paris, in the 11th Arrondissement. Not far from the opera house on Place de la Bastille. Some of these new wine bars are hip in their own way. Paris still serve wine with new food and trendy style.

trendy paris

In this exciting area of apartment blocks, families, street art, organic cafes, restaurants, grungy bars of Rue Oberkampf and tramps searching through bins, have all ingredients for urban cool.

As you probably know, wine bars are a genuine French institution – as garlic and croissants, or Dior and champagne, with garlic hanging on the wall. Guests in 11th District are the new wine, 30-something, artists, students and locals. Here are all kisses and smiles, the new and trendy Paris – places without garlic hanging in the bars. We had a closer look at some of the new wine bars.

Le Dauphin

Le Dauphin is more a restaurant than others listed here. Le Dauphin serves food full of flavour, such as tandoori octopus and beef with smoked aubergine with tables jammed together in an informal atmosphere. This is a place that requires booking. Address: 131 Avenue Parmentier.

trendy paris


This place has two rooms; at the read there is a small cocktail bar, open in the evenings with DJ on weekend nights. The interior is a bit strange, black walls and dark pine fittings. The food is delicious; make sure you have a cosy table by the window. Address: 25 Rue Moret, +33 1 43385988,

La Buvette

The owner Camille welcomes you with a bowl of black olives and bread at a charming place of just 10 chairs. La Buvette have a small selection of mostly organic wines. She will also ask your taste and advice accordingly from the menu written onto a mirror. Address: 67 Rue Saint-Maur, T: +33 983569411

Septime La Cave

Located in a former shoe-repair shop with a low arch, Septime La Cave has a huge selection of wines from many areas in Europe. Bottles can also be bought to take home. This place serves seasonal food such as fennel sausage, peppered goat cheese and tuna fish. Ask the friendly expert staff for tips. Address: 3 Rue Basfroi, T: +33 1 43671487

Bones for meat

Bones Paris. Vegetarians might want to stay clear of the bar and a suckling pig slowly sliced up each night. My advice is to gaze around the restaurant and taste any other offer from the Aussie chef James Henry. The small wine bar at the front have natural wines by small producers and a few beets – and dishes such as sandwiches and oysters. Address: 43 Rue Godefroy Cavaignac.

More in heaven eleven

La Manufacture de Chocolat
Proper chocolate from bean to bar by famous Alain Ducasse are on offer.
Hotel Fabric. A former clothes factory with spacious reception room, 33 guest rooms and a small gym.
Andrea Crews. This fashion shop have wacky, avant-garde modern clothing.
Moonshiner. Specialises in whisky, mexican mescal and fresh punch. Adresse: 5 Rue Sedaine
Le Pure Cafè. This is the charming coffee shop from the film Before Sunset.
Le Square Gardette. Not one of the New, but still a good choise in the same area and with excellent food and friendly guests in the winebar. 24 Rue Saint Ambroise.

In Paris, serving is a real profession. We know the French are cultural snobs and they know what Frankness is – and how bad they treat tourists not speaking perfect French



Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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