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Winter golf and spa at Red Sea

Hidden gem and fun with sunshine every day

winter golf
Winter golf at Steigenberger

RED SEA: Every golfer likes to play during the winter and some places are more popular than other. It all depends on where you live and how far you want to go. If you live in Europe, El Gouna in Egypt is the Red Sea’s new premier destination for winter golf. Here Egypt is a safe heaven for all visitors.

For every level

El Gouna’s 18-hole championship course boasts year-round golfing in a stunning setting. Players, novice and professional alike, can feast their eyes on mountains and endless sea view. The course challenges their strength, ingenuity, and skill. Gene Bates and Fred Couples designed the course with every level of golfer in mind, from the beginner to the advanced golfer playing the tournament circuit. The course boasts carefully placed bunkers, lagoons, and desert rough, all designed to challenge the individual at his or her own level. The aqua driving range accommodates up to 30 players.

Mountains and coastline

An elite haven yet exciting and full of adventure on the Red Sea coastline. Surrounded by spectacular mountains, beaches, turquoise lagoons and built in Nubian village style, all blending together to form a colourful beautiful portrait in the middle of the desert.

El Gouna is easily accessible by car, 30km from Hurghada airport or bus from Hurghada. It is also a jumping-off point to experience the many historical, archaeological and cultural treasures of Egypt.

winter golf

Diving and camel riding

The big number of residents and guests from all over the world increased El Gouna’s variety of facilities and activities constantly over the past 15 years. From diving in the Red Sea, wakeboarding, paintball, Go-Cart tracks, camel and horseback riding. But also sailing and deep sea fishing, wind surfing, bicycling, quads, the lagoon boats tour and the El Gouna Tennis Club. There is plenty to do and enjoy for everyone, and there is plenty of hotels providing spa treatment.

El Gouna’s perfect maintenance and its wide variety of activities and entertainment options. Add cuisine and exciting nightlife, as well as its stunning natural and architectural beauty makes winter golf exciting.

Weather Averages for El Gouna in January is +21C (70F) during the daytime and +9 (48F) at night, increasing to 22C and 16C in February.

red sea

One important statement; Cold golf balls don’t fly as far as warm balls.

Fun Fact: Have you ever wondered why golf balls have all those little dimples? Well, the dimples are there to reduce turbulence and they allow the ball to travel further than a completely smooth ball. Surprisingly, those tiny little balls can have anywhere between 330 to 500 dimples. For more on El Gouna golf course

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