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Adventure Norway like living on the wild side

Modern shelters bring out the arctic explorer and chic nomad in all of us

NORTH NORWAY: A getaway on the edge of it all. Manshausen is a unique hotel comprised of a collection of buildings on an island off the coast of Northern Norway. Set on 55 acres, there are 4 sea-cabins that have dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows that extend over the water. While the main house accommodates the kitchen, dining area, and library. Activities at this year-round resort include alpine skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, diving, cycling, fishing, and hiking. An outdoor adventure in Norway.

Adventure Norway
Northern Lights in the sky over Manshausen

Norwegian polar explorer Børge Ousland

Situated at the water’s edge overlooking the spectacular scenery of Norway’s Steigen archipelago. This striking collection of Achitizer award winning cabins was commissioned by renown polar explorer Børge Ousland in partnership with architect Snorre Stinessen. Inspired to design a unique exploration and adventure resort, Ousland purchased the fifty five acre island of Manshausen. A a vacation destination and concept that combines the rugged adventure of the arctic and the artistry of modern design.

Stunning scenery

Each of the four cabins are placed to maximize the views while providing privacy for the occupants with floor to ceiling walls of glass facing the sea. Three of the four cabins are cantilevered over the stone moorings above the water, while the fourth is set on a rocky ledge at an angle to the coastline. A double room ideally positioned to experience the scenery, and a second bedroom which is perfect for kids, or adults.

Hot tubs and endless wilderness

A restored 18th-century farmhouse was converted into a kitchen and dining lounge for guests with an expedition library stocked with books from Borges’ personal collection. There are two relaxing hot tubs, a salt water pool and a private beach along with endless wilderness for adventure.

Food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served daily in the main house. Optional guided adventure touring services including: sailing on the trimaran “Northern Passage” used by Børge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleifsson to sail round the Arctic, diving, kayaking, cooking courses, yoga instruction, fishing, trekking and climbing. Wifi in the main house.

Adventure Norway

Situated in Steigen Archipelago off the coast of Northern Norway, the island of Manshausen lies in the middle of the Grøtøy strait between the dramatic peaks of the Lofoten mountains and the Barents Sea. The island and surrounding archipelago are an outdoor adventurers dream with endless winter and summer sports and dramatic unspoiled natural beauty. The former 17th century harbor was a bustling trading post and fishing port and at one time one of the biggest in Norway. The small village of Nordskot is the heart of the islands commercial center with a coastal museum and a shop or two.

Location. Manshausen Island, Norway. Nearest Airport: Bodo regional airport is a 3.5 hr drive or the ferry from Bodo to Nordskot (1.5 hr)

Prices: Adventure Norway don´t come cheap. Renting one cottage with two bedrooms perfect for 3 adults and one child will cost NOK 3,400, or 350 euro, per night, breakfast included. Rent a single kayak costs 380 NOK, double kayak 550 NOK and a dry suit will set you back 200 NOK.

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Alfred L. Nortvedt
Alfred L. Nortvedt
Alfred is a highly regarded Video Maker specialized in documentaries and works for the biggest daily and media house in Oslo, Norway. From time to time he delivers engaging travel stories to King Goya. Study in Buenos Aires.


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