Meet two artists, one art dealer and Benito the cat

PUERTO BANUS, MARBELLA: At Sammer Gallery you will find the biggest collection of private owned art on Costa del Sol. On top, the owner’s black and white cat Benito believe he owns all the art works.

Sam and Kari Lena

“Benito don’t think he is a cat, he has never seen another cat and never been out of this gallery, except to my apartment above the gallery”, Sam Benady admits. For years and years Benady bought arts, mostly paintings, directly from artists. Now the art market is in declaims and the gallerias never sign up for new artists. Well, recently Sam made one exception.

Art creates Fashion

Sammer Gallery first opened its doors in the city of London at the same period the owner Sam Benady worked as architect to the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia for 13 years. Once established as a gallery of contemporary art, he opened in Puerto Banus in 1995 due to the amount of foreign settlers and the demand of good art. Today the gallery offers music evenings with famous opera singers and classical music, an important meeting point for the social and cultural life of Marbella.

“As a gallery we don’t follow fashions, we create them”, Sam Benady says. His latest discovery is the sculpture artist Kari Lena.

“I have never offered such huge space for an artist. Kari Lena makes some beautiful sculptures, she mixes fantasy with reality and she is very talented” Benady says.

Jose Maria Cordoba

Cordoba painted since he was a little boy and despite he won first prize in a painting contest, he went on studying Machinery Design.

“I had a clear idea from the beginning. I wanted a good academic record and produce work that would allow me to enter the professional world and art galleries”, Cordoba says. His career looks like a route shaped by new series of work. We visited Cordoba in his studio in the white village of Mijas. He is the art teacher of Kari Lena when it comes to printmaking and if you like to visit his studio, just use the doorbell or contact him by Facebook.

Dynamite. “Kari Lena makes dynamical lines both in her graphics and sculptures. In her graphics she is minimalistic, expressionist in her sculptures. And as an artist she is simply dynamite”, Cordoba declares.

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Sammer Gallery

Jose Maria Cordoba

Kari Lena


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