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Avoid heath, rain and high prices in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro: July to September as pleasant as summer

Time for Rio. There’s no question that the busiest – and most expensive – time of year to visit Rio de Janeiro is during the southern hemisphere summer. When the city revels in the baking heat, lets its hair down and plays host to the unparalleled parties. New Year celebrations and the famous Carnival, both of which send hotel prices shooting up into the stratosphere.

Hot and rain. If attending either of these events is not your main motive for visiting the city, you can really benefit from avoiding the peak Brazilian summer season. Not only is it almost too hot for sightseeing, it’s also the rainy season, and what with Rio’s climate being warm all year around we think the dry winter months of July to September are just as pleasant as the summer, if not more so. October and November are even warmer. And Rio always have the groove of samba and music.

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Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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