Search for Danish Hygge brought me to Sky Mountain

In Aarhus it´s easier to reach Sky Mountain than heaven. This area is made for cycling, art lovers and Danish Hygge

Bornholm – food-island of the Baltic

Bornholm is a food-island of the Baltic in its own right - serving smoked fish and great food.

Bornholm – the Danish pride

A closer look at Bornholm proves an exotic Danish island with local pride and tasty food.

Award this Viking an Olympic Gold!

Rowing is sport and this Viking should be awarded Olympic Gold after rowing from Norway to Denmark

Drink like a local in Europe

From Ouzo to Rakia. A little glass of something local is not a bad place to start your Euro-hopping.

The truth about the frozen North

Danish drama, Swedish crime and foxy Norwegian. The Finns are suffering – and they do so in silence and hot saunas.

The New Mermaid on the Rock

Nordic summer. You don’t have to look good in a bikini to take a seat on this rock, but it definitely helps. Meet the smiling Scandinavian Mermaid.

Ceviche is serious business

Making Ceviche is a serious business in Peru and now the South American Food revolution is brought to Europe.
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