Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Facts Malaga – Guide to Culture, Food, Beach and Nightlife

Travellers to Costa del Sol, the sunny coast of southern Spain, tend to ignore the city of Malaga. What a mistake! Here is Facts about Malaga.

Charming words in English – Learn before you go-go

Here are some charming words to be used in England. Learn and don´t shy away from a challenge. Brits in London can´t stop using slang words

Traditional British Food – 27 dishes you need to try

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen. Prepare next visit to Great Britain. Who cares if your fun and sarcasm got lost in translation as long as you meet great food traditions.

Art Life Matters – In search of the Next Genius

This is report from an Art Detective searching for the next gifted and smart artist of the new world. The main city of Art in Europe is open for business.

London on foot – Royal and Historic Routes

Mighty Westminster Abbey makes a striking start to a royal walking tour of London. Followed by 25 further historic walks and sites all over the city.

Art and Culture Walks in London

East London, Riverside London, Literary Pub Crawl, Street art and walk the line with art and culture. This is a culture trip.

Updated: 25 Things to Do in Manchester

Meet the locals and visit attractions and sights. Make the most of your trip to Manchester, a city full of life and things to do. Advice by Uzair Ahmed.

Tower of London has myriad of stories

If you listen carefully, you may still hear the steady beat of its powerful heart within the stone walls. It´s about marriage and executions.