Monday, June 17, 2024

Media Award to King Goya: “Best of The Best!”

And the winner is… Hard work and driven determination is paying off. Professionals voted King Goya the best online travel magazine.

Follow the smell of Santos Dark – to Camden Coffee Shop

A small shop and far from fancy. But step inside, meet George and get a clear smell of freshly burned at Camden Coffee Shop

Life in Slow Motion – Meet Mr Slow-Guru

All research reveals the more stressed we become, the dumber we get. It´s high time to meet Mr Slow-Guru and learn why slow down.

Palace of Westminster – The Mother of Parliaments

What we see today is just over 150 years old. But parts of the Parliament are much older, going back to times when kings and queens lived here.

Date ideas London; Walks, Picnic and Starry Night

Romantic places are spread all over London. Here are our exclusive guide to the perfect date for you and your love one.

London Cemeteries the Never ending History

The gravestone is like a book. A cemetery is like an open-air library with fascinating history. London has many huge burial grounds.

Best in Europe – Cheers for the Media Award!

Good News are always refreshing. A prestigious media award to King Goya as the World welcomes tourists back on track are double pleasure.

Kenwood House London – Filled with Old Masters

Kenwood House is a striking Georgian villa and a stately home on the edge of Hampstead, North London ALL THE PAINTINGS: Anytime you like to...