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It´s about the unfriendly Paris; Vive la Difference!

Of course we love French food, but are French waiters still as rude as they used to be? Here is the answer.

The myth of Tiramisu and where it all began

Tiramisu means, “Pull me up”. Meet Alba Campeol, the old lady who says she invented the Italian dessert. We met her in homme-city Treviso

The Young Nordic Dining with one Michelin Star

The food is light and refreshingly playful. Koka in Gothenburg deserves the first Michelin Star - and my ratings.

There’s Something Cool about Vitoria-Gastein in Spain

A hidden gem and smaller than the more famous neighbors. Visit to Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain.

Manchester food by a Chef with outstanding ideas

Sometimes we have to admit that some food are as outstanding as the football made by two famous local clubs

Long London lunch at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen

Food and wine were superb, but star-chef Jamie Oliver was not to be seen at his Fifteen in central London.

Come out of your shell at Galway Oyster Party

Galway, the perfect festival to make friends, eat oysters and dress as extravagantly as you dare

Sea food from Heaven served by an Angel

Excellent sea food. Gabriel is a small restaurant, but the food served is super fresh, tasty and nothing less than world class.

London; Some take Craft Beer as seriously as food

Craft beer is coming to town and the combination of beer and food is the new gastro trend at restaurants in London

Olivia Oslo serves the authentic Milanese food

Think traditional pasta, risotto, pizza and meat dishes with a modern twist. Then you are in Olivia - and a train station