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The British world of Bizarre Royal Traditions

The royal world with traditions and some habits Meghan Markle will need to understand before she joins the family in May

Still popular in Luxor: Eye to eye with King Tut!

The Boy-King Tutankhamen had a short reign and few achievements. But “King Tut” is still the most famed in Luxor.

Places not to visit in this wonderful world

Here are nine popular places on the earth you should keep away from in 2018 – if you love this wonderful world

Belfast; Locals happily discuss all under the sun

The once troubled Belfast offers glorious architecture, art, festivals, nightlife, Titanic´s history and peace

Good morning, Vietnam! A Visit to a tiny village

The real Vietnam. Early morning, dark and no one around – except driver, guide and clients set for a special experience

Guide to Inverness; Monster, Whisky and Castles

Here is guidebook to some of the most interesting places in the north of Scotland, including all about the famous Monster

Miniature Wonderland – small world and big impression 

There's only one way to describe Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg: the biggest model railway in the world.

New Guide; It´s time to check out Norfolk

Beaches, Royals and historic sites. Let´s drop anchor next to a waterside pub - and the only pier-show in the world.

Arctic Tour; Local people has a story to tell

Arctic Race is part of a crazy story along the roads of Northern Norway where the locals are the main attraction

Royal Connections; 48 Hours in Cotswolds

Green hills, sleepy villages, local farmers market and royal connections. The Cotswolds is just two hours west of London.