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Helsinki is Europe’s hottest holiday city

The timeless Finnish capital is tempting. And it’s always very hot – at least in the sauna.

Historic Zadar with extra long Catwalk

Walking streets of polished stone is a stroll through history – and like a Catwalk through the old town of Zadar

Tom like to be your local guide in Amsterdam

“Visit Amsterdam and hire me as your guide. I will make it tailor made", Tom says. He is a real local.

Seychelles – Paradise at Hand

Seychelles is friendly and sunny. Get inside advice to the relaxed capital of Victoria with only one traffic light.

Food and Culture Guide to Serbia

Get Anna´s inside report from Serbia, a European country with a different culture and cuisine. They love meat.

Perfect for romantic Sunset

Amazing views over Bosporus, perfect for a romantic sunset. Nina has some details about life in Istanbul.

London: Art, people, food and pubs

He gets inspiration and lives next to his favourite pub. Meet Biagio – the Italian artist from Lucerne living in London

Amsterdam; Best advices from Agness

She travels the world and prefers to eat cheap and healthy. Meet Agness and get her best advices - in Amsterdam.

My City: Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain

If you love eating fresh and seasonal products and good wine from Rioja, Vitoria-Gasteiz is the place to visit in Spain.

This is the Yachting capital

Fort Lauderdale has warm climate, the palm trees, the beaches, and the endless of restaurants.