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Ubud Bali – Urban heart of the cool mountains

Ubud is a traditional town located in the cool mountains of Bali. A place where days turn into weeks and weeks become months.
My City London

My City London; Ingrid on Silk and to travel light

She loves view from The Shard and oysters at Scotts in Mayfair. Ingrid lives a silky life when she returns to London

Maureen; My Guide to Isabela town in Puerto Rico

My Caribbean: We have been to Isabela, Puerto Rico and joined Maureen, a tall and tattooed local from Texas.

My City Ischia; The Spot-on island for Carla

Travel is important part of her life. But asking Carla about her favourite island, the answer will always be; My City is Ischia

My City is Los Angeles – over and over again

Rachel Wolfe is an American artist. Her journeys are guided by artistic research – and her fav city is Los Angeles.

Meet Laura and get her guide to Fuengirola

Laura lives and works in Fuengirola. Get her exclusive guide, the joys of living here and where to taste exclusive tapas

Gina on the Sunny coast; I fall in love with Mijas

A white pueblo located on the hill just few minutes’ drive from the coast. Gina Gil describes how she fall in love with Mijas

Sweden; An It-Girl´s Guide to Uppsala

We are guided in style to the city of Uppsala by the local IT-Girl Anne. She is a Royal reporter and prominent blogger.

Meet Miss Norway – and her favourite city

Christina has to walk 418 steps up the hill to get the perfect view of Ålesund. Meet Miss Norway in her favourite city

Gdansk, Gdyna and Sopot full of surprises

Holy sites, friendly crowds and sandy beaches. Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot are three cities in Poland full of surprises.