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Luxury in the middle of action

Kuala Lumpur: Most luxury is breakfast, afternoon tea, canapés and cocktails , and coffee all day long.

A Touch of Elegance and glamour at Ritz-Carlton

A luxury weekend in Dubai can’t come with more elegance. We tested Ritz-Carlton on Jumeirah Beach.

Chic dinner at the beachfront in Dubai

Serves Mediterranean inspired dishes and Asian fusion in a laid-back chick vibe at the beach front in Dubai.

The High Life in Copenhagen and perfect for business

One hotel, two towers and 800 rooms. In Copenhagen you are living the High Life at AC Bella Sky.

VIP Treatment in Marrakech

Palais Namaskar offers the ultimate escape from the chaos of everyday life in Marrakech, Morocco.

Lunch i Malaga; Best value for money

The food is home made and typical Spanish, it’s delicious and costs next to nothing. An advice is served.

Uber-trendy hotel; A rockstar experience in Oslo

No stuffy ballrooms and chandeliers; instead the hotel is kitted out with the latest technology and contemporary art.

One of the best fish meal ever served

Well done, Bebeto! You became the first Chef to snap up a top score at King Goya after serving the best fish meal.