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Updated: 25 Things to Do in Manchester

Coolest Attractions

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St Peter's Square

MANCHESTER: The city of Manchester combines innovation, heritage, and buzzing nightlife. Manchester is a city full of life and things to do. Whether you’re native to the city of Manchester and looking to get reacquainted with your roots or visiting it for the very first time, there’s always something for you.

Here, we’ve put together a list of 25 top destinations to include things to do at the magical land of Manchester.  If you haven’t visited England earlier and reading this article, we suggest you get in touch with the immigration lawyers Manchester to know more about the UK visit visa category.

Museum of Science and Industry

Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry boasts a perfect fusion of innovation and history. The museum is full of amazing objects and striking inventions. Explore the world’s oldest surviving railway station and a railway warehouse, erected in 1830.

Discover how Manchester’s revolutionary railroad transformed the world forever. Indulge in the live presentations of ancient machinery and participate in fun science demonstrations with budding scientists in your family. The entrance is free. You may, however, have to pay for specialized events and exhibitions.
There’s also a cafe on the ground floor where you can relax and enjoy pastries and coffee. Also, you can indulge in hot meals at the bistro (which is located on the first floor).

Victoria Baths

Victoria Baths in Manchester is another attraction. The building itself is amazing with breathtaking interiors. This place is a listed Edwardian swimming pool and a Turkish bath complex. There are food stalls where you can indulge in authentic English and Asian delicacies.
This place hosts several festivals and concerts throughout the year, including Victoria Baths Music and Arts Festival. Young swimmers can also participate in relays, water polo, and other activities.

Three people, a man and two women visiting the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, and viewing the exhibits.

Whitworth Art Gallery

The Whitworth Art Gallery is located in Whitworth Park. This place is home to Britain’s finest collections of artifacts, including fine arts, paintings, and wallpapers.
This gallery boasts award-winning architecture and hosts several exhibitions, fares, and demonstrations throughout the year. There are some of the best restaurants, pubs, and cafes where you can spend quality time alone or with your loved ones.

Discover artwork of some of the finest British artists at Manchester Art Gallery
Discover artwork of some of the finest British artists at Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester Art Gallery

Explore the collection of more than 25,000 historical objects of art and costumes. There are more than 500 sculptures alongside rare prints and artwork from renowned artists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. From Adolphe Valette to Christian Dior and Annie Louisa, you can discover the refined artwork of some of the finest British artists.

Pankhurst Center

The Pankhurst Center is a heritage museum in Manchester which consists of two Victorian villas. This place is of historical importance as it was the home of Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters, who contributed immensely to the campaign for votes for women.
This place also acts as a community resource for women who want to learn, socialize, and work together on different projects.

The Edwardian-style furnishing and traditional Georgian architecture make this place an ultimate place to visit for history and art lovers. Also, you can learn different skills, including painting, personal development, web development, and DIY, by taking part in one of the classes offered by Barbara Castle.

Hope Mill Theatre opened its doors to the general public in 2015
Hope Mill Theatre opened its doors to the general public in 2015

‘HOME’ or the ‘Hope Mill’ Theatre

Whether it’s an action movie or edgy comedy, there’s a stage for you in the city of Manchester. Hope Mill Theatre opened its doors to the general public in 2015. Today, both locals and tourists indulge in a unique theatre experience there.
Love modern theatre and independent films? Then you must head to HOME to explore astonishing stories, dance shows, and exotic theatre experience.

Northern Quarter

Located between Piccadilly and Ancoats, the Northern Quarter remains a center of things to do in Manchester. Expect independent fashion outlets, cafes, pubs, and restaurants. Explore Den Interiors, where you can find an array of sophisticated and high-end custom furnishing.

Retro Rehab is another added attraction that showcases vintage and hand-made clothes and accessories. Stroll around Cafe Pop or explore Oklahoma, a gift shop offering all things weird and wonderful.
There are many independent music shops too where you can shop for records featuring work of your favorite lyricists and musicians.

 John Ryland’s Library

John Ryland’s Library is a prominent free-to-visit public library in Manchester that includes ancient collections, historic architecture, and classic books.

Interior view of John Rylands Library, showing the vaulted ceiling of the main Reading Room.

The building itself is a Gothic masterpiece and was one of the first in the city to be lit by electricity. The library takes its name from John Rylands, who was Manchester’s first multimillionaire. This place houses a top-notch collection of rare books, publications, and manuscripts.
Today, this library is part of the University of Manchester’s library system. Here, you can find medieval illuminated manuscripts and even the oldest known fragment of the New Testament.

National Football Museum

Don’t miss out on the National Football Museum if you’re a diehard football fan. Discover preserves and collections of football memorabilia. You have to pay an entrance fee if you do not belong to Manchester.
Delve into the history, culture, and the best practices of your favorite sport. Also, this museum offers an array of tours and trails on a regular basis. This place is a perfect place to spend a day out with your family and kids.

The National Football Museum. Father and son visiting the museum. Kicking a football and aiming at a goal.
The National Football Museum. Father and son visiting the museum. Kicking a football and aiming at a goal.

Record Stores

Independent record stores in Manchester are must-visit if you’re looking to build and grow your music collection. Vinyl Exchange, Piccadilly Records, Clampdown Records, Eastern Bloc Records, and Kingbee Records are an added bonus to Manchester’s extraordinary musical heritage.


The food scene in Manchester is growing at a massive rate. Ancoats is the coolest neighborhood that is popular because of its delicious food and drink scene. This place is home to wonderful Japanese eateries, Mexican restaurants, and Italian pizza points.

Ancoats was previously known as Little Italy because of the influx of Italian migrants back in the 19th-century. This place houses some of the finest bars and restaurants, including Rudy’s, Canto, and Jub Thai. Some of Manchester’s best bakeries are also located here.

Manchester Town Hall

Manchester Town Hall is situated in Albert Square and is one of the popular landmarks in the city. This Neo-gothic, Victorian-style building is home to ornate ceilings, eye-catching paintings, and legendary bee mosaics.

This Grade One listed building was erected in 1868. There are paintings, textiles, sculptures, and plaques. It’s a must-visit place for you if you want to explore the timeless history and capture some memorable family moments.

Old Trafford football stadium, Manchester, England

Old Trafford

A legendary football stadium in Old Trafford, Stretford Manchester. Whether you love playing football or just want to visit one of the best football stadiums in the world, you must take a tram and visit Old Trafford.
This place offers a range of activities for tourists. Stroll around the player’s tunnel or grab the manager’s seat to click some memorable pictures. The grounds are simply immaculate, and there are innumerable food and drink options in and around the stadium.

People’s History Museum

People’s History Museum is the national museum of democracy. This museum helps to showcase the lives of working people from the 19th-century.
Housed in a pumping station, this museum includes two expansive rooms containing banners and posters showing messages about labor movements and human rights. The People’s Museum hosts an array of exhibits throughout the year. There’s no entrance fee, and you can easily spend 3-4 engaging hours at this place.

The People's Museum hosts an array of exhibits throughout the year.
The People’s Museum hosts an array of exhibits throughout the year.

Manchester Craft and Design Center

Manchester Craft and Design Center is situated in the center of the Northern Quarter. This place is a creative hub to exotic prints, sculptures, jewelry, and ceramics. This place hosts countless exhibitions and workshops throughout the year. Also, you can hire a space for meetings or other corporate events. Creative artists and designers have also set up their personal studios inside.


Afflecks is a popular indoor market in Manchester that boasts a range of stalls for the city’s alternative crowd. This place is a shopper’s paradise and is home to independent sellers and retailers dealing in different products.
Whether you’re looking for cute and funky vintage pieces or looking to decorate your home with some of the best homeware, Afflecks deliver them all, and a lot more.

There are unique hand-made jewelry shops, a dedicated Afflecks-branded merchandise outlet, and an Earth-Friendly Rocker to support an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

Manchester Museum

Connected to the University of Manchester, Manchester Museum is home to exotic works of archaeology and natural history. Here, you can discover a breathtaking collection of artifacts and ancient things, including dinosaur skeletons, mummies, and beetles.

Also, there is an exclusive collection of unusual snakes and frogs inside. This museum also hosts informative sessions, exhibitions, and other events from time to time. Make sure you check out the Events Calendar first before you plan your visit to this place.

Manchester International Festival

Manchester International Festival is acknowledged worldwide as a festival of authentic and exotic artwork and events. Here, you can experience the bold VR experience alongside demonstrations and exhibits of film screening, paintings, and sculptures of famous artists from across the globe.

Janelle Monáe Robinson is an American singer at theopen-air show in 2019.
Janelle Monáe Robinson is an American singer, at the open-air show in 2019

Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Manchester. It’s a must-visit place for those who admire the history and ancient architecture.

This cathedral is open to visitors throughout the year. If you want to know more about this place and the city of Manchester, you can also book a guided tour from Monday to Saturday.
Manchester Cathedral is a family-friendly place. Here, kids can follow the Explorer’s Trail as part of their school trip or a family day out. As they explore this place, there is an array of fun-filled activities to complete along the way.


Altrincham Market

This market is a great place for tourists and locals who want to shop for different products with savings.This market is jam-packed with local crafters, retailers, and food vendors who offer quality products to the tourists at the best price.
This is one of the busiest markets in Manchester and houses hand-made jewelry shops, custom clothing options, and cozy cafes and restaurants for the visitors.

Band on the Wall

Band on the Wall is a complete package for visitors who want to experience a lot in the shortest amount of time. From folk and contemporary live music to incredible cinema experience and delicious local and international food, this place has them all. This is a perfect spot for families where they can spend their big days and weekends having lots of fun and activities.

Food Markets

When it comes to food markets, there’s no option better than the city of Manchester. There are many dedicated food markets that remain open throughout the year. From local street food to exquisite international chains, you can find almost everything on your bucket list here.

Grub has some of the best food stalls available in town. Mackie Mayor and Band on the Wall also offers some of the best eateries, restaurants, bars, and pubs.


Your visit to Manchester is incomplete without visiting Chinatown. From exotic bakeries to high-end restaurants and expansive supermarkets, this place has something to offer for everyone in your family.

Cloud 23

Cloud 23 is a famous bar located on the 23rd floor of the popular Beetham Tower. Enjoy your favorite drinks while enjoying breathtaking views and hues of Manchester city. Here, you can also explore the extensive champagne collection. This place is perfect for celebrations and just for having an exquisite evening out with your partner or mate.

Manchester House

While there’s currently no Michelin-star restaurant in Manchester, Manchester House comes quite close with its eye-catching surroundings and mouth-watering menu.  You can also enjoy some quality time onto the fascinating balcony to admire the beautiful views of the city.

Things to do and to see in Manchester
Things to do and to see in Manchester

Coolest Attractions

All of these places are some of the coolest tourist attractions in Manchester City. These places offer an array of family-friendly activities that you’ll cherish even after coming back home.


Which one of these destinations tops your wish list this season? Feel free to share your opinions and preferences in the comments section below as we would love to know about them.

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