Drink local in Europe – Not a bad place to start

drink local
From Ouzo to Rakia. A little glass of something local is not a bad place to start your Euro-hopping.

Polar Bear Pitching at The Coolest Stage on Earth

Polar Bear Pitching is the coolest and literally an ice-breaking event, taking place in the frozen Baltic Sea in Finland

Northern Lights the greatest light show on Earth

Head North to the Arctic and watch a magical sight in green and yellow - the Northern Lights bathing the night sky.

Let´s head north to celebrate cold Finland

Hundred years of Independence will turn Finland into a big party, and it will last for the whole 2017.

Sanna’s Guide to Helsinki and Fly-fishing

Meet Sanna and get her inside tips about capital Helsinki and fly-fishing in thousands of rivers and lakes in Finland

Helsinki is Europe’s hottest holiday city

The timeless Finnish capital is tempting. And it’s always very hot – at least in the sauna.

Finland; The Coolest Stage on Earth

They came to Finland to show what they are really made of – in freezing cold water. See the Arctic coolness.

Here is the truth about the frozen North

Danish drama, Swedish crime and foxy Norwegian. The Finns are suffering – and they do so in silence and hot saunas.