Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Ten important Tips for Train Travel in Europe

If you’re planning to travel in Europe, consider taking the train when you journey from city to city. We have tips for you

Prost..! The signature drink in Frankfurt is Apfelwein

German tradition; Plenty of trendy eateries and gourmet kitchens. But Applewine is the speciality of Frankfurt served the old-fashioned way

Global Art Fair shows only one chocking work

Invest in art - it could be worth a hell of a lot more in a few years’ time. Such as this black and white photo shot in 1975

Miniature Wonderland – small world and big impression 

There's only one way to describe Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg: the biggest model railway in the world.

It´s a kind of magical food journey at sea

Color Magic offers excellent variety of food. Specialities are aged meat and seafood, most likely the best served on the sea

A family-resort in Germany – next to the Baltic Sea

The Northern corner of Germany. A huge family-resort with all the activities to dream about, included beach and the sea.

Oktoberfest Munich World´s largest Beer-Party

Here are some sober advices from our reporter, safely returned from his fifth Oktoberfest in Munich.

About Berlin – Here Kristin from LA felt like home

Cool city. Meet Kristin in Berlin, she felt like home after only a few days. Try your luck with her advice.