Friday, November 27, 2020

Prost..! The signature drink in Frankfurt is Apfelwein

German tradition; Plenty of trendy eateries and gourmet kitchens. But Applewine is the speciality of Frankfurt served the old-fashioned way

Global Art Fair shows only one chocking work

Invest in art - it could be worth a hell of a lot more in a few years’ time. Such as this black and white photo shot in 1975

Miniature Wonderland – small world and big impression 

There's only one way to describe Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg: the biggest model railway in the world.

It´s a kind of magical food journey at sea

Color Magic offers excellent variety of food. Specialities are aged meat and seafood, most likely the best served on the sea

A family-resort in Germany – next to the Baltic Sea

The Northern corner of Germany. A huge family-resort with all the activities to dream about, included beach and the sea.

Oktoberfest Munich World´s largest Beer-Party

Here are some sober advices from our reporter, safely returned from his fifth Oktoberfest in Munich.

About Berlin – Here Kristin from LA felt like home

Cool city. Meet Kristin in Berlin, she felt like home after only a few days. Try your luck with her advice.

This is what Germany celebrates 30 years on

Germany celebrates 25 years as a reunified nation. See more reasons to visit – and pictures from Germany.