Praia de Pipa – Here Life comes in Waves

Praia de Pipa
Life is about sea, surfing and chilling out. Or about party, food and rest. A true paradise exists in Pipa, north of Brazil.

Brazil Carnival; World’s largest Street Party

Real Brazil. Carnival in Recife is different. It´s the street parties, the music and other traditions. We take you there.

Che is unique; Welcome to my wedding!

Ponta Negra has many names, such as The City of Love. Meet ex-hippie Che, making plans for his seventh marriage.

Brazil on top of its game and smiling locals

No war, no chaos, no al-Qaeda or human bombers or Muslims – no problems. Brazilians are making their smiles.

Paradise of beaches – natural pools

Sand with sun-drenched pictures of some of the world's most stunning beaches. They are not famous, not yet.

High flying Marit in Uruau

Striking sunset; Not much tourism, only few kite surfers and some visitors in the weekends.

Heavy News: Once slim – now Brazilians are fat

fat brazil
The Girl from Ipanema and macho men are still on the beach, but now with overweight or obese.

Wild nights in North of Brazil – See Pictures

See all the pictures from some wild nights at Club Metropole in Recife, Brazil.

Nightlife: Frevo in tune with erotic movements

Frevo is the new samba – with movements you generally expect to find in bedrooms.

Brazil’s food treasure; Love is in the Ear!

Traveling is to know which restaurant to pick. In Brazil you can stop right here and enjoy Feijoada.

Carnival style: Silicon boobs are not the case

Preparation for the world’s biggest street party is going on - without half naked girls.

One of the best fish meal ever served

best fish meal
Well done, Bebeto! You became the first Chef to snap up a top score at King Goya after serving the best fish meal.