Laid Back Pipa – Here Life comes in Waves

Praia de Pipa, Pipa
Life is about sea, surfing and chilling out. Or about party, food and rest. A true paradise exists in Pipa, north of Brazil.

Brazil Carnival; World’s largest Street Party

Real Brazil. Carnival in Recife is different. It´s the street parties, the music and other traditions. We take you there.

Brazil; Welcome to my wedding!

Ponta Negra has many names, such as The City of Love. Meet ex-hippie Che, making plans for his seventh marriage.

Brazil on top of its game

No war, no chaos, no al-Qaeda or human bombers or Muslims – no problems. Brazilians are making their smiles.

Paradise of beaches – natural pools

Sand with sun-drenched pictures of some of the world's most stunning beaches. They are not famous, not yet.

High flying Marit in Uruau

Striking sunset; Not much tourism, only few kite surfers and some visitors in the weekends.

Once slim – now Brazilians are fat

The Girl from Ipanema and macho men are still on the beach, but now with overweight or obese.

Wild nights in Brazil – See Pictures

See all the pictures from some wild nights at Club Metropole in Recife, Brazil.

Nightlife: Frevo in tune with erotic movements

Frevo is the new samba – with movements you generally expect to find in bedrooms.

Brazil’s treasure; Love is in the Ear!

Traveling is to know which restaurant to pick. In Brazil you can stop right here and enjoy Feijoada.

Silicon boobs are not the case

Preparation for the world’s biggest street party is going on - without half naked girls.

The best fish meal ever served

Well done, Bebeto! You became the first Chef to snap up a top score at King Goya after serving the best fish meal.