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affordable art fair

Only one chocking work at the Affordable Art Fair

Invest in art - it could be worth a hell of a lot more in a few years’ time. Such as this black and white photo shot in 1975

Karlstad – urban port with a strong scent of coffee

A visit to Karlstad in Sweden is about art, opera, nature and smell of coffee all over. Not so much about The Beatles...

Affordable art and hot young talents

Visitors involved in some innovative workshops and tours to take place at London´s Affordable Art Fair

Eyes Wide Shut – face to face with her new paintings

From London with paintings and printmaking. Artist Therese Nortvedt returned home for her solo exhibition number 80.

Art Jamming: I felt like Picasso!

Art lovers flock here to express their inner sentiments, soul searching and go home with a genuine trophy - like a Picasso.

Robert is blowing unique art of glass

Next time in Sweden, make a visit to the country´s famous artist in making art and jewellery of glass.

Heart and Soul of Zurich

Searching for the new trends of Zurich, we found ironic art and the new popular meeting point

Puerto Banus; Cat walks the art

We had a closer look of the art scene on Costa del Sol in Spain and found a cat walking the art.

Swiss Like pearls on a necklace

Swiss Grand Tour takes you under the skin of the country, to breath-taking panoramas and cultural highlights

Hungry for Art; Dinner with Munch!

Spend the night in your own gallery and enjoy a seven-course dinner watching artwork by the famous Edvard Munch.