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Caribbean Cocktails – A Tour for all the Specialities

Many Caribbean islands has their own rum with local flavor. Served as cocktail or punch. We have guide to authentic drinking.

Prost..! The signature drink in Frankfurt is Apfelwein

Old tradition; Plenty of trendy eateries and gourmet kitchens. But apple wine pubs are the speciality of Frankfurt

Inside Guide to some new restaurants in London

Michelin-starred Chefs, flavours from Iran and Turkey and Pizza Toscana. Here is the guide to new restaurants in London

Manchester an exciting foodie destination

Stars Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs from football to food. It´s about rabbit and new restaurants in Manchester.

Sinatra feels still alive – “My Way” in Torremolinos

Maybe Something Stupid but certainly no Strangers in The Night. Long drinks and unforgettable story at Sinatra Bar.