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Places to visit on Isle of Wight – England in Miniature

Located off the south coast, the Isle of Wight is sometimes described as ‘England in Miniature’. Here is our Guide.

New Trend; BasisBall is rolling over Europe

Fit holiday with a ball. The new concept BasisBall has spread from Svalbard in the north to Spain to the south of Europe

Meet Laura and get her guide to Fuengirola

Laura lives and works in Fuengirola. Get her exclusive guide, the joys of living here and where to taste exclusive tapas

A family-resort in Germany – next to the Baltic Sea

The Northern corner of Germany. A huge family-resort with all the activities to dream about, included beach and the sea.

Favourite Tavira is no longer top-secret

For some Tavira has been a long time secret and favorited fishing town at Algarve, south of Portugal. Not any longer.

More Japan – Southern resort of Okinawa

Relax on Okinawa’s countless pristine beaches, letting time pass you by as you revel in the joy of sand dunes and sea

Festivals, desert and what to see in Abu Dhabi

From music to motor shows and shopping. There are numbers of special events going on in Abu Dhabi.

Life’s a Beach on the Red Sea sunny coast

Colorful marine life, beaches, islands and endless of sunny days. A visit to Red Sea area in Egypt and we met Mona and Ugur.

Breakfast on the beach in Tel Aviv

Rooftop pool with cocktail bar and breakfast on the beach. This is really what made the Carlton Tel Aviv

First rule in Australia; Understand the brutality of distance

Australia is rich in iconic sights – and awful lot of space between them. It´s nothing wrong to start in Sydney - and read our guide.