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Barbados more than beaches; Rum, Carnival and Festivals

Rum is the point of pride in Barbados. And the locals organize Carnival and national festivals all summer

New Food Ireland – Fresh, tasty with modern twist

A small island, but when it comes to food, they have big culinary ambition. Food Heaven has moved to Ireland

Prost..! The signature drink in Frankfurt is Apfelwein

Old tradition; Plenty of trendy eateries and gourmet kitchens. But apple wine pubs are the speciality of Frankfurt

Tasty Britain: Mexican food and Nordic trend

Move aside, burritos - it's taco time! Tortillas with tasty toppings have taken over, with new Mexican food

Mojito with Hemingway in Havana

President Obama’s visit will change Havana. But Ernest Hemingway is not forgotten in Cuba’s magical city.

Sinatra still alive – in Torremolinos

Maybe Something Stupid but certainly no Strangers in The Night. Long drinks and unforgettable story at Sinatra Bar.

Hidden secret at the Royal Academy

London has some hidden treasures. At Royal Academy they serve culinary treats next to the famous art scene

Paris; New wine in Heaven Eleven

They serve drinks with innovative food in a hipster style. Paris has some new wine bars hidden in District 11.

Learn more about Armagnac

There is not one Armagnac, but many Armagnacs. The quality is depending on their length of ageing in wood.

Drink like a local in Europe

From Ouzo to Rakia. A little glass of something local is not a bad place to start your Euro-hopping.