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Sweet Bali and Five Must-Dos when visiting

Hindu temple on a rock formation, scuba diving and tasty dessert. But stay away from western fast-food.

Six Tips for experiencing Canada like the locals

Summer is the best time to visit Canada. Go camping under the stars, hiking through Yukon or sip coffee in Montreal

Free inspiration and book your holiday activity

Make plans for your vacation! Home work is important and our partners worldwide help you. Just click

Legend Stenmark opened Elan alpine ski museum

Elan-sponsored legend Ingemar Stenmark help launching ski museum in Slovenia, near the alpine-area

Carla about Ischia; My perfect island for holiday

Travel is important part of her life. But ask Carla for her favourite island and the answer will always be Ischia

Visit Lucca – get motivation for real local cooking

We serve key advice how to turn into a Pasta Master. But there is far more to Tuscany food than pasta

Ross visits all countries by bag-piping

Ross is the travelling bagpiper. He´s going to be the first to play the bagpipes in every country. Meet The First Piper

Top 10 Ideal Romantic Travel Destinations

The only thing to eclipse experience of being on holiday is a romantic holiday. We count down the top 10 destinations

Hello readers, I just call to say #LoveIreland

Love Ireland. Get out and about with our guide and experience what Dublin has to offer. The Irish people at top of the game.

Work out with Susanna under the Spanish sun

Work out under the sun. A wellness break with Susanna, most likely the fittest woman of her age on Costa del Sol in Spain