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South-west England; 48 hours in costal Cornwall

Inside Guide. Coastal Cornwall is synonymous with stunning beaches, surfing, fresh seafood and picturesque harbours.

Belfast; Locals happily discuss all under the sun

The once troubled Belfast offers glorious architecture, art, festivals, nightlife, Titanic´s history and peace

Vastervik and the wild east-coast of Sweden

Small ferries are the only transport from Vastervik to the unpopulated natural beauty on the wild east-coast near Vastervik

Midnight Sun when I need to clean my head

Take a look at the main picture. To be here on a fine summer’s day is a heady experience – clear of any tourist.

New Guide; It´s time to check out Norfolk

Beaches, Royals and historic sites. Let´s drop anchor next to a waterside pub - and the only pier-show in the world.

Highlights and Key Facts about England

The British Museum in London is the most visited free attraction with 7 million visitors a year. More about England

New Trend; BasisBall is rolling over Europe

Fit holiday with a ball. The new concept BasisBall has spread from Svalbard in the north to Spain to the south of Europe

Gina on the Sunny coast; I fall in love with Mijas

A white pueblo located on the hill just few minutes’ drive from the coast. Gina Gil describes how she fall in love with Mijas

Rovinj is the Star attraction of Croatia

From hill town and lighthouse to truffle, Roman ruins and excellent food and wine. In Istria Rovinj is the elegant star

Sushi, Kebab and Snow in Swiss mountains

From hot Dubai to cold air and snowstorm on top of the Swiss mountains. “I feel like I´m in heaven”, student Sasha writes.