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In the Mood for Love, Food and romantic

The world isn´t short of romantic places and hotels. Follow the arrow to Dorset in England for a romantic stay

A village boozer is crowned UK`s best pub

Popular place. Boasting an intimate restaurant, several lounges and great food, The Pointer is crowned the best pub

My week holiday in magical Marrakech with kids

She wants kids to explore all sorts of cultures. Artist Susanne Schandy took time off to explore Marrakech in Morocco.

Self-taught Ana the World’s Best Female Chef

Ana Ros started cooking relatively late. Which makes it all more surprising by the self-taught Slovenian Chef

This pasta tastes so much better in Italy. Why?

We describe why that same bowl of pasta tastes so much better in Italy – and how a place impacts enjoyment of food

Six of the best restaurants with great views

Some restaurants are blessed with natural beauties and excellent food. Here are six in England, Wales and Scotland

About Scotland and Loch as home for a monster

Inside Scotland; St Andrew is the patron saint and St Andrew´s Day 30 November is a feast and public holiday

A taste of Faroe Islands served on wood plates

Far out in the Atlantic we found Faroe Islands chefs bringing traditional foods to a new level of pleasure.

Hotel with the view and striking art collection

Most likely you will let your gaze fly over the lake, feel the landscape, feel the fresh air on a sunny summer night.

Welcome to the smallest festival in Norway

Local food, music, fishing and local art and culture at the smallest festival in Norway – under the midnight sun.