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Guide to Öland, Sweden; Birders paradise

For a birder, the Swedish island of Öland is a magical landscape all year around. For everyone else it´s all about summer holiday.

Manchester an exciting foodie destination

Stars Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs from football to food. It´s about rabbit and new restaurants in Manchester.

Royal Connections; 48 Hours in Cotswolds

Green hills, sleepy villages, local farmers market and royal connections. The Cotswolds is just two hours west of London.

Tasty Britain: Mexican food and Nordic trend

Move aside, burritos - it's taco time! Tortillas with tasty toppings have taken over, with new Mexican food

Jolie Ville – Cool Paradise Island in Luxor

Holiday on paradise island with vegetable garden, zoo, chicken and cattle farm next to River Nile

Eating around the world – in North London

Sit down on a chair in North London and visit eateries alongside market stalls serving culinary specialities from many countries.

Let´s head north to celebrate cold Finland

Hundred years of Independence will turn Finland into a big party, and it will last for the whole 2017.

Kalmar serves the new taste of Sweden

Kalmar is transformed into a more gastronomic city than ever before. Here we discovered the new taste of Sweden.

Wedding dream and a private church in Sweden

The first owner gave the Manor House as a morning gift to his wife. Now it’s a romantic hotel and the place for wedding

Green, Green Gras of Charming Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is a green outpost in the North Atlantic Sea, specialise in weather and long summer days.