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Trinidad and Tobago A Melting Pot of Cultures

Kings and Queen costume. Calypso and Soca music. Parties and parades. Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is one of the biggest party

Laid Back Pipa – Here Life comes in Waves

Life is about sea, surfing and chilling out. Or about party, food and rest. A true paradise exists in Pipa, north of Brazil.

The one night only party celebrated Epic Gym

Costa del Sol has outstanding beaches and great nightlife. We join a one night only party with the most fit guests along this coast.

London; Skye Halla away from Valhalla

Drink like the Vikings! The ambiance is warm, the drinks, hot! At Skye Halla feast on the hearty Nordic meals in London.

Kerala the land of festivals and carnival

As land of festivals, Kerala have numerous holidays, festivals and carnivals falling across the year. This is the party state of India

Brazil Carnival; World’s largest Street Party

Real Brazil. Carnival in Recife is different. It´s the street parties, the music and other traditions. We take you there.

It´s Snow Time – Here to ski in Austria

Ischgl is the party capital of the Alps with a strange mixture of pricey shops, up market hotels and drunken guests.

World’s largest Beer-Party in Lederhosen and Oompah-pa

Here are some sober advices from our reporter, safely returned from his fifth Oktoberfest in Munich.

Golden party in Zagreb and award to King Goya

Golden party for the winners! Travel writers and TV hosts from 18 countries celebrated awards in Zagreb.

Summer Festival season in Croatia

From Dance to Rock and Pop Bass. The list of festivals between mountains and the Adriatic Sea.