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Ups and Downs: Tunisia is back in business

Tunisia’s tourism industry has yet to return to its pre-revolution level, but is safe for tourists.

Carnival style: Silicon boobs are not the case

Preparation for the world’s biggest street party is going on - without half naked girls.

A Thai village welcome for a Happy New Year

Good luck all year! One can only hope. And pray to Buddha, in all one’s Western whiteness.

What Thai Christmas in Bangkok taught me

It was like that song – “I’ll be home for Christmas”. Or in the words of my stepmother: “It’s just Thai style”.

Italian Christmas traditions in Florence

Christmas Day – Natale. In Italy December 25 centres around the very important and family-related Christmas lunch.

Dating in Kiev where women look to the West

Meet an alphabet that confuses, enjoy gourmet food and women on high heels staring to the West.

Opera, skating and ski jump in Winter Oslo

Winter attractions in Oslo. Don’t forget the famous Holmenkollen Ski Jump and the top deck with panoramic views.