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Unusual Places to Visit in the Czech Republic

The waterfalls at Rešov offer a series of picturesque cascades and mesmerizing rapids along a rocky canyon surrounded by untouched forest

Come out of your shell at Galway Oyster Party

Galway, the perfect festival to make friends, eat oysters and dress as extravagantly as you dare

Polar Bear Pitching at The Coolest Stage on Earth

Polar Bear Pitching is the coolest and literally an ice-breaking event, taking place in the frozen Baltic Sea in Finland

Look ahead to Chinese New Year – every year

Chinese New Year and Year of the Dog. Wear red and jade for luck, and join in of celebrations taking place across Britain

Best events going to happen in Britain every year

From traditional and tasty to cultured and quirky. We have the list of the most interesting events going on in 2018.

About Scotland and Loch as home for a monster

Inside Scotland; St Andrew is the patron saint and St Andrew´s Day 30 November is a feast and public holiday

Eyes Wide Shut – face to face with her new paintings

From London with paintings and printmaking. Artist Therese Nortvedt returned home for her solo exhibition number 80.

Take in a Scottish spectacle at the Highland Games

From May to September, the Scottish countryside provides a stunning backdrop to the Highland Games: lively, colorful traditions.

Let´s head north to celebrate cold Finland

Hundred years of Independence will turn Finland into a big party, and it will last for the whole 2017.

Bahrain; Cultural Passports

Shaikha Al-Khalifa surprised all as she gave away 200 passports covering 21 exotic tourist attractions of Bahrain.