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Carpooling in Norway

GoMore is the leading Scandinavian carpooling service, with over 155.000 members.

My City: Guangzhou, South of China

Carol is a travel writer and provides some local suggestions about Guangzhou – a foodie city.

The New Mermaid on the Rock

Nordic summer. You don’t have to look good in a bikini to take a seat on this rock, but it definitely helps. Meet the smiling Scandinavian Mermaid.

Here Pablo grew up: “Picasso is still living with us”

Malaga is Costa del Sol’s overlooked jewel and Pablo Picasso’s art still provokes. Meet our Guide.

Jesus, Mary and Antonio Banderas in Malaga

For a whole week, people take to the centre of Malaga to watch glorious floats and religious sculptures.

Between islands in Croatia; Catch them if you can!

We advice on Istria, the Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik and not to forget islands and the area behind.

Weekend Break: Brussels is the alternative to Paris

In Brussels you get the feeling of being in Europe – and in the capital of Europe. Read this report.

Heavy News: Once slim – now Brazilians are fat

The Girl from Ipanema and macho men are still on the beach, but now with overweight or obese.

Wild nights in North of Brazil – See Pictures

See all the pictures from some wild nights at Club Metropole in Recife, Brazil.