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bob marley

Bob Marley, Reggae and a true taste of Jamaica

Held in July every year, Reggae Sumfest continues in the spirit of legend Bob Marley. With music, heat, chaos and beauty

After-Dark actions in the Florida Keys

Night fishing, after-dark ghost tour and full moon sailing. The Florida Keys provides actions when the sun goes down

London; Skye Halla away from Valhalla

Drink like the Vikings! The ambiance is warm, the drinks, hot! At Skye Halla feast on the hearty Nordic meals in London.

Jazz it up in New Orleans and all festivals

Pack your dress, the amazing hat and a wig or two and jazz it up in New Orleans with music and food.

Not so famous Benalmadena on the sunny coast

Beach, harbour, Pueblo and view from the mountains. Benalmadena has it all, including famous neighbors.

Sinatra feels still alive – “My Way” in Torremolinos

Maybe Something Stupid but certainly no Strangers in The Night. Long drinks and unforgettable story at Sinatra Bar.

Las Vegas a hedonistic wonder – a desert for culture

It is a place where you can lose all individuality and sense of awareness. Read an up heated report from Las Vegas

Nightlife: Frevo in tune with erotic movements

Frevo is the new samba – with movements you generally expect to find in bedrooms.